Monday, October 31, 2011

My battle with the scale

I'm not making much progress with my weight-loss efforts.
I mean, really, what's a girl to do?
I already eat fewer than the recommended calorie limit each day (and believe me, I struggle to eat as much as I do, trying to get as close to the limit as possible).
I ensure that I get those eight glasses of water each day.
I'm doing 30 minutes every day on the stationary bicycle (I started doing that for the hip mobility, not the weight loss effort, but what the heck ...)
I resisit using the stair lift as much as I dare each day (by the end of the day, I have to use it if I want to get up those stairs).
In a nutshell, I'm doing everything I can to promote weight loss.
And the site indicates that if "every day is like today" I should be xxxx pounds in five weeks.
Well, every day IS like today (and has been for the past umpty dump months).
If what they say were true, I should have faded away to nothing by now.
But my weight goes up, not down.
Withdrawal of wine from my diet has been too recent to know for sure if it's making a difference.
But we're approaching a week without wine (OK, on Saturday we had company so I had wine) and there's been no movement of the scale thus far.
And, just for the record, IF I were to reintroduce my daily glass (or two) of wine to my diet, I could then meet the recommended daily caloric intake.
I'll continue as I am for a while longer (at least for the month of November) and see what comes of that.
BUT, by the end of November, if there is still no movement of the scale in the right direction, it's back to the dietitian, armed with the data of what I've done, to see what she can contribute to the discussion.
I want to lose twenty pounds before I have that hip surgery.
There has got to be an answer somewhere.

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