Saturday, October 22, 2011

So much fun ...

My beautiful boy is here for the weekend while his parents are celebrating Porter Airlines' 5th Anniversary.
Yesterday when we arrived here with him, the first question out of his mouth was, "Are we going hunting now?"
We had talked with him earlier in the week and explained that his Grandfather thought it would be neat to introduce him to the joys of hunting.  Obviously, he thought it would be a good idea too.
This morning, he was up well before dawn, again asking, "Are we going hunting now?"  We explained that he had to at least wait until it was light out, and he should have a good breakfast in his belly before heading out.
He ate a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs and then eagerly got ready.
First, Grandpa outfitted him with a BB gun and they went out front with a cardboard box so Grandpa could teach him how to shoot.  Bullseye every time, right out of the gate!
Next came the orange hunting jacket (way too big for him but we improvised).
And off they went, young boy and his Grandpa, into the woods to find birds.
I thought they'd never return!
When they finally showed up, sans birds, he declared that he didn't think he'd become a hunter.  It was too much walking.  I told him that he could have asked to come back sooner, to which he said, "No, I was having too much fun!"
He told his grandfather that he liked it, he just didn't like the part of there being no birds to shoot.  But yes, he would like to go again.
Methinks John has a convert!

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