Sunday, September 27, 2015

Yet another surgery coming up

Here I go again.
On Thursday, October 8th, I will undergo yet another hip surgery.
Yep.  I know.
I've already had two replacements.  The left in January 2012, and the right just a year ago.
So where does a third one happen, you ask.
Well, the right hip has to be redone -- it's called revision surgery.  
You will recall that I did really well with the right hip arthroplasty.  My recovery was without incident and I sailed through the rehab physio sessions.
All was right with the world.
Until it wasn't.
I enjoyed the benefits of the replacement until about March of this year, when I started to experience difficulty in my groin.  I put it down to fatigue and figured it would pass.
Well, it didn't pass.  It worsened.
And it worsened until I had to seek medical advice.
My physiotherapist advised me to see my surgeon.  That appointment was still months away.
My massage therapist had the same advice.
My family doctor encouraged me to try to get an appointment with the surgeon sooner rather than later.
No can do.  I would simply have to wait my turn.
When my turn finally came in June, he wanted to rule out infection so he ordered blood work and a hip aspiration, during which he also allowed a cortisone injection to help alleviate the pain.  I had three days of blissful pain-free activity.
And it's been downhill since then.
My next visit with the surgeon, during which he told me there was no infection, he suggested that the prosthetic could be loose but the only way to tell is to go back in.  He wanted to take a wait and see approach, to perhaps allow the cortisone shot more time to work.
At the next follow-up visit it was clear that I was declining and his examination told him that in all likelihood the ball had not adhered properly to the muscle.  He would have to revisit it.  But this time he can't go in "on the dotted line."  He has to make a new incision, this time towards my backside, to allow him to have full access to the unit.
I'm told that revision surgery is a more involved, longer surgery than a straight replacement.  It's also a longer recovery, and takes longer to rehab.  And I will have significantly different restrictions for a longer period of time.
Oh, I am so not looking forward to this.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

My failed experiment

So, a couple of weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to show my support for my beloved Toronto Blue Jays.
And how would I do that, you ask?
Well, obviously, I'd dye my hair Blue Jays blue.
So plans were made with my hairdresser to ensure that she would have the appropriate colour in stock and an appointment was secured for Friday morning.
"You know it's going to be, ummm, vibrant?" she asked.
"Yes," said I.  "I want to make a statement."
"As long as you know that it can't be dyed out once you do it.  It has to be grown out and cut off to get rid of it," she cautioned me.
"That's fine," I answered.  "The way my hair grows, I'm not at all concerned.  Push comes to shove, I'll shave my head again."
Finally, the day arrived and I was oh soooo excited.
I sat in the chair and she applied the dye to my hair and we watched as the colour looked very much like what we both expected.
We sat and chatted while we waited out the clock.
And then she washed the dye out, and sat me back in the chair in front of the mirror.
"Oh my God!  That's not Blue Jays blue,"  I exclaimed.  "My hair's purple!"
I don't know who was more disappointed.  Me for not having what I expected.  Or my hairdresser for not coming through as promised.  She was clearly not happy with her supplier, who had assured her that she had been sold what she needed to get the job done.
Suffice to say, in time, my head will likely be shaved.  Again.  Like I said, fortunately, my hair grows fast.
Not quite the statement I had wanted to make.
But a statement nevertheless.
And it is only hair!