Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Enjoying my "alone time"

The past four days have been "alone time" for me.
John has been away, bird hunting with his son.  They left Saturday morning and will return today.  
Anyone who reads this blog knows that I cherish my alone time.
Normally, John and his son go hunting in Saskatchewan for a week but they declined that trip this year, choosing instead to go to a closer hunt camp and traipse around the woods in hopes of finding birds. But only for four days.  *Sigh*
Anyway, on Saturday, my first alone day, my little chickadee came to visit with my beautiful boy.  We spent an enjoyable day making curtains for her new front door window (she loves them!).  Day one of alone time down.
On Sunday, my good friend, LC, (my other daughter's real mother) came to hang out with me for the day.  Again, it was a nice day, time we don't often get to spend together and we both enjoyed it very much.  Day two of alone time down.
Yesterday, I truly had alone time.
And I did nothing.
Nada. Barely even approached the computer.
I sat and read all day.  OK, I watched some television too but mostly I read.
Good for the soul.  Day three of alone time down.
John called last night to check in.  They are having a good time, albeit not a very successful hunt.  They don't know what time they'll be heading back today.  I cautioned him to call and give me a head's up of when to expect them so I could "shut down the party" before they get here.
Today, thus far, I have done my 30 minutes on the bike (have I mentioned that I never miss that particular activity, no matter what) and I've had breakfast and read my newspapers.
Now, on my last day of alone time, I'm going to start processing the umpty-dump pieces of supporting documentation that I have downloaded vis-a-vis my family tree.  If I don't get started on that project soon, it's never going to happen.  It had been my plan to spend all four days of my alone time on that task.
Oh well, better late than never, as they say.

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Ylc said...

If you didn't have so many People who wanted to hang out with you you just may have had four full days. My curtains are lovely and I would not have been able to do them without you so thank you for giving up one day of your alone time to me!