Saturday, August 29, 2015

My baby is 40 !

Today marks my little chickadee's 40th birthday.   (Yes, I can admit to having a 40 year old daughter, although I myself am still only 29!)
My daughter entered the world at 1:16 pm on this date back in 1975, and what a terrific addition to this world she has proven to be.
She has become a truly marvelous young woman of whom I am extremely proud.
She is a terrific daughter and a fabulous mother.
But most of all, my daughter has become a wonderful friend.
She was an early talker, and has been bending my ear non-stop ever since.  In her early years, I can remember wishing she had never learned to talk, she did so much of it!  Now, I look forward to her telephone calls, and miss the days that we can't fit one in. (The calls don't happen nearly often enough now, what with texting being such a popular mode of correspondence.)  One would think we'd run out of things to talk about but somehow, that never seems to happen.
She was an adorable toddler ...

... who blossomed into a truly stunning young lady ...

... and matured into a beautiful woman, inside and out.

She fills my heart with love and pride.
Happy 40th birthday Natalie, my beauty queen daughter!


Sunday, August 9, 2015

I'm 65!

Yes I am.
And I embraced my new age.
Now, I qualify for O(ld) A(ge) S(ecurity) payments from the government.
We had a fabulous party to celebrate my joining the OAS Club.

Family and friends joined us in the dining room of our favourite local pizza haunt to mark the occasion.    


And on this special occasion, we seized the opportunity to "recreate" a favourite photo of me and my little chickadee.  We felt it was time it should be updated.

As MLC summed it up in a Facebook posting to her cousin, "Well neither of us had the right outfit, mom's glasses are significantly smaller, I have way better hair...and we were laughing far too much. So, there's a picture, I just don't think it would be immediately obvious that it was meant to be a re-creation."
Nevertheless, it is our recreated photo.  And one I will treasure.
Tomorrow, I go back to being 29!