Thursday, October 27, 2011

Arrrrgh, I'm getting fat!

In spite of my best efforts to LOSE weight, the scale is going the wrong way.
My physiotherapist insists that it is the muscle that I'm building since I've been clocking 30 minutes a day on the stationary bike -- every day, no matter what.  (I'll grant that some of the extra weight could be muscle, but surely not 20 pounds worth!)
Anyway, I've found this very interesting site (I actually happened on it as an app for my iPad) -- -- where I can track my food intake, activity level, and weight.  According to its calculations, eating as I do, I should be losing up to eight pounds in a five week period.
Yeh, right!  The scale just keeps climbing.
There are some days on which, according to this site, I'm not taking in enough calories.  It flashes a caution against putting my body into starvation mode (which sabotages weight loss efforts).
By tracking my food intake, I can carefully monitor my calories to ensure that I do take in enough to meet the daily recommended minimum.
Anyway, I've decided that from now on, I will not have wine unless we have company.
That should limit my wine intake to once, perhaps twice, per week rather than nightly (drinky poo time will  now be a glass of water). There might even be some weeks when I won't have any wine.
We'll see if this sacrifice (and it's a huge sacrifice, let me tell you) makes a difference on the scale.


Natalie said...

Hmmmm, interestingly enough I have also decided to curb my wine drinking unless a special occasion. It seems to me that we should get together more often so we can partake. Come to think of it, you are staying at my house next week...I believe that constitutes a special occasion in my life so bring a bottle!

C. Bonnie Fowler said...

A bottle? The most I'll have is two glasses, and you don't like my wine. What ever would you do with the rest?