Friday, November 4, 2011

It's been a long week?

Wow, Friday already?
Seems like just yesterday I posted here, yet I see it was actually Monday when I last did that.
Tuesday was an extremely busy day.  I went into the city for my usual physio appointment.  But added into the mix this time was my biennial mammogram; a stop at my doctor's office to get my flu shot; then my physio session; my hearing test and hearing aid readjustment (I'm getting more deaf in my right ear!); then to MLC's.  I also got my hair cut that evening and stayed overnight at MLC's (collected lots of hugs and kisses from MBB).
I didn't get much sleep on Tuesday night.  My hips were especially troublesome (most likely due to the exceptionally busy day I had put in) and I hadn't brought my CPAP machine with me.  Lesson learned:  that machine really does make a difference to the quality of my sleep. 
Wednesday morning I took MBB for our usual breakfast before he went to school and then I headed home.  But en route I stopped at my friendly computer shop to pick up a new router.  Their advice had been that I probably needed a newer one to provide a stronger wireless signal (service is sketchy in my sanctuary and on the deck).  By the time I got home late morning, I had already been up since 3:00am and I had had the biscuit.  I crashed for about three hours!  Day gone.
Thursday morning was spent on the telephone with computer guy taking remote control of one of John's computers to try to resolve an issue he's been having.  We spent about an hour on that problem and were not able to figure out what's wrong with it.  He left me with a test to do (which I'll get to) and he will do further research into the issue to see if he can find a resolution.  (I hate computers!) 
Then I proceeded to switch routers.  All went well and our three computers are happily on the network just as before.  But neither my laptop nor my iPad is allowed to join the network -- tells me the password (generated by the router) is incorrect.  I have no idea what password it wants if the one provided (carefully entered numerous times) is not the right one.  (I hate computers!)
My massage therapist arrived for my 1:00pm session so I had to abandon the router issue.  And once I've had my massage, I become very mellow.  Day gone.  No more trying to resolve computer issues; that can wait for another day.
Friday (that would be today) will be spent first talking with my computer guy to see if he can suggest a solution for why this new router won't let my laptop and iPad join the wireless network (there has to be a setting that I'm just not seeing).  If he can't resolve it, I will put the other router back and return the new one as a failed experiment.
Have I mentioned that I hate computers?

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