Monday, October 17, 2011

Another week of drudgery ahead of me.

Again this week, I'm facing three days of having to make round trips to the city.
Today, I have to go in for that EEG my doctor ordered (he obviously didn't order a sleeping version ... sigh).  Since it isn't a sleeping EEG, we know it's going to show "normal" so it will all be for naught.  Not sure what his thinking is on this one but I'll have the test and we'll discuss it's findings and he will declare all to be well.  Until the next wonky occurrence.
John will accompany me for today's trip just because he's a nice guy like that.
Tomorrow, I'll make the trip myself and I'll first see my dentist and then I'll go on to my physiotherapy session, the first in a month.  I'm very much looking forward to seeing her after this long haul of no treatments.
I'll have Wednesday at home with no commitments.  Bonus!
Thursday I'll again be home and my massage therapist will come to me.  Double bonus!!
On Friday, John and I will once again make the trip into the city.  This time, it's back to the hearing aid centre for our annual hearing test and hearing aid check-up.  I'm quite looking forward to this appointment because I'm sure my hearing has declined again (independent of my recent problems with the ear infection).  For some time now, I've noticed a marked decrease in my ability to decipher what I'm hearing.  I know very well that people are talking to me, or the television is on, but for the life of me I cannot decipher the words I'm hearing.  And it's been causing me concern (not to mention the frustration for John and my little chickadee who have to constantly repeat, even more than they ever used to).  When we finish there, we go back to the dermatologist to have John's stitches removed and to get the results of the last biopsies that were done.
So Friday will be a full day.
But the bonus at the end of it will be our picking up my beautiful boy to bring him back here for the weekend.
Oh what fun we'll have then!  

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