Sunday, April 28, 2013

Honey, I blew up the Acuball

I did.  I blew up my Acuball.
It's been a while since I used it.
I put it in the microwave for three minutes.
At two minutes and ten seconds -- POOF!
No more Acuball.
And a big mess in my microwave!
I've sent a message to my massage therapist asking her if she has any more (sure hope she does).
I need another one.
I'll remember that it's only supposed to be microwaved for one minute max!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Those damned Mack trucks

Woke up yesterday morning having been run over by at least a dozen mack trucks during the night.
My body felt extremely battered and bruised all day long.  Movement was excruciatingly painful.
I managed to do my treadmill in spite of the pain.  I forced myself to endure it because I hadn't done it the day before (just couldn't  face it).  Even getting into bed last night was difficult.
This morning, I found out exactly why those mack trucks had been so hard on me.
It seems that I hadn't been taking my mid-day meds all week.
On Tuesday I had to go to the Healthy You class for 9:30 am.  It went until 11:00 am and my physio was at 1:00 pm.  I wasn't going to come home between sessions so I threw my pill case into my purse, plan being to take the meds when I had my "lunch."
Yeh right.  I had my lunch (an Ensure) but forgot to take those pills.
And when I got home that afternoon, I forgot to take the pill case out of my purse.
There the case sat until this morning when it was time to refill it for the coming week.
Now I know that my body really does need that mid-day dose of Lyrica!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My "Healthy You" Class

Yesterday was the first of seven of the "Healthy You" classes for which my doctor conscripted me.
When we discussed her referring me to the dietitian for help with my weight issues, I had no idea that it would mean a "classroom" approach to learning how to live a healthy lifestyle.
Not a bad approach, mind you.  I just wasn't expecting it.
In any event, I'm committed to it now so onwards and upwards (well, hopefully, downwards).
Each session will be 90 minutes long and will cover a different topic addressing a non-diet approach to healthy living.
Yesterday's session was an introductory/orientation one.  They essentially told us what they are going to tell us over the next six weeks.
We had some opening giggles when one of the participants asked, "What, no donuts?"  Another asked where the fudge was.
It's a good group of people, all committed to learning how to live a healthier lifestyle, hopefully losing weight in the process.  I'm the only one of the nine participants who needs to learn to eat more frequently as opposed to the others who will need to learn to curb their appetites.
We will have 'homework' to do each week (not very taxing homework, but homework nonetheless) and our "challenges" remain in play (ie we continue to have to meet our challenges as they were identified prior to the first meeting).  So I guess my weekly challenge will be to maintain the good success I've had in meeting my challenges (eat three meals and two snacks every day, and eat within 90 minutes of waking).  Presumably, if I continue to follow that regimen, by the end of the seven weeks, it will be a normal eating pattern for me.
My biggest fear is that if my brain cottons on to that eating pattern, I will become like my husband and always be hungry.  I'm assured that it won't happen that way.  Only time will tell.  Since I believe a person should eat only when hungry, if I'm hungry all the time, I'll eat all the time unless my brain doesn't allow me to give in to the hunger pangs.  I'll cross that bridge when (and if) it happens.
I did have an "ah ha" moment yesterday.  One of the hand-outs referred to savouring your food, enjoying the smell, the taste, etc.  That's when it clicked for me.  One of the reasons I don't "get hungry" is because I don't smell the food, I don't taste the food.  Therefore, I don't enjoy the food.
I don't get lured by the smells of a kitchen.
My brain isn't bombarded by tempting aromas.
My taste buds aren't piqued.
My digestive juices don't get rumbling.
Not until long hours have passed without food.
Then my stomach gets loud and angry because nothing but water has been put into it for far too long.
So I eat.
That is what has to change.
We also discussed the phenomenon of how a lot of people get down to within about ten pounds of their goal weight and then they get stuck there.  Nothing can convince their body to get past that plateau of weight loss.  (That's exactly what happened to me last year when I lost 20 pounds prior to my surgery but just couldn't get rid of that last ten pounds.  I've since gained the 20 pounds back.)
So I've decided to adjust my goal weight downward by ten pounds.  When I get to within ten pounds of that goal weight, I won't be upset when I can't lose the last ten pounds. (I'll actually be at my desired weight.)  I think that's a pretty crafty solution to dealing with that dreaded plateau of weight loss efforts.
Anyway, here's to healthy living.  Onwards and downwards.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Wow, Life is getting ahead of me

Here it is Monday again already.  Where does the time go?
Seems like just yesterday I was posting about how much I love Thursdays!
Oh well, since then, I've hardly been home.
On Friday, I lunched with my Angel.  That takes me out of the house for the better part of the day.  We meet at 11:30 am and don't part ways until 2:00 pm or later.  By the time I get back home, it's almost drinky-poo time.  That marks the end of my productive day.  No more computer time.
Essentially, I take care of my computer work in the mornings.  I rarely pay attention to it later in the day.
Anyway, on Saturday, I went to another good friend's place (LC) to do her income tax.  This is an annual event, wherein we get a chance to visit -- just the two of us.  It only takes about an hour or so to do her taxes (she runs a home day care).  Then we get to "bond."
We go for a leisurely dinner at a local restaurant (she buys -- that's how she "pays" me for doing her taxes).  We go back to her place and chat up a storm over a couple of glasses of wine.
The following morning, we go for breakfast before I head home.  This has been our tradition for the past 18 years.  Prior to that, I lived in the city and there was no need to look for visiting time -- we had plenty of it.
This time, my little chickadee, my striking young man, and Pauple met us for breakfast so that was an extra bonus.
When I got home on Sunday, I hit the deck running.
Laundry ...
Restore the home to its proper state (after John having been alone for 24 hours!) ...
Get on the treadmill (can't miss a day) ...
Today, I had lots of computer work to catch up on before I could "play."
We've already been into town to run errands.
So now, I'm catching my breath.
I guess that kind of explains where the time goes.
It just flies!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's THURSDAY again!

I can't tell you enough how much I looooooove Thursdays.
My massage therapist will arrive here today some time around the 1:30 pm mark (later than her usual 1:00 pm due to a medical appointment that she has to attend with one of her four boys).
This week's challenge is my neck.  It's been bothering me a lot lately.  My physiotherapist performed her usual magic on it, but that only holds for so long.  Now it's the massage therapist's turn.
I've buggered up my right shoulder too, but my physiotherapist set me straight on that.  She asked me what I've been doing differently.  (I've added weights to my treadmill time.)  As soon as I showed her what I do with the weights, she stopped me.
"Nothing that takes your arms above your head, Bonnie," she admonished.  "That just aggravates your already sore rotator cuff.  Keep your elbows at your ribs.  And when going out to the side, don't lift your arms more than 30% away from your body."
Of course, I had been forcing myself to go that extra push, in spite of the pain, thinking I had to strengthen the muscles.
"No," she said, "listen to your body!  If it hurts, it's because you shouldn't be doing it."
So yesterday when I did my weights, I followed her instructions.  What a difference it makes to my comfort level.  Already, I can feel the difference in my shoulder.  Before long, perhaps it won't bother me at all!
I've also added time to my treadmill work.  I do my 20 minutes every day in "workout" mode -- that's the session when I walk as fast as I can without breaking into a jog (jogging is not allowed with my new hip).  It's during this 20 minutes that I use the weights, to provide a cardio workout at the same time.
Later in the day, I do another 30 minutes on the treadmill but at a much slower speed, more like a leisurely stroll, just for the movement aspect.  I figure if I'm going to watch television, I should be moving while I'm doing it.
I continue to follow the "eat within 90 minutes of waking" rule.   (I'm actually eating within 30 minutes of waking.)  I'm also doing really well at the eating three meals and two snacks every day.
And I'm happy to report that this morning, precisely one week since my first meeting with the nurse, I am four pounds lighter than I was at this time last Thursday.
It's called discipline and if there's one thing I can do, it's discipline.  Now, if the weight loss continues at this rate (which I know it won't), I'll reach my goal by the time the "Healthy You Classes" finish on June 6th!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Trying to lose weight

Sorry for the lack of posts in the past week.
I just don't know where the time goes any more.
Haven't been spending much time on the computer.
I've become almost obsessed with losing weight so I'm "studying" how to go about doing just that.  Had a meeting with a nurse last Thursday morning and am now enrolled in the local "Healthy Lifestyle Program" which requires that I attend seven 90-minute sessions starting Tuesday, April 23rd.
Another chunk of time taken out of my life!  But it should be worth it as it is a program designed to help establish a healthy lifestyle (hence its name).
It didn't take the nurse long to recognize that our challenge will be not to cut my food intake but to establish the habit of eating three meals and two snacks every day.  I am in the habit of eating breakfast, then eating  dinner.  I simply don't get hungry so I don't eat, being a believer of only eating when hungry.  She told me I have to change that mindset.
Since our meeting, I'm happy to report that I have managed to meet that challenge every day thus far.
The other challenge she presented me with is to eat within 90 minutes of waking every day (she extended the 60 minute norm in the hopes of my meeting the challenge).  Our routine is to wake some time between 4:30 am and 6:00 am, have coffee while we read the newspaper(s), and breakfast often doesn't happen until sometime around 10:00 am.  She said that has to change.  I must eat something within the hour of waking (in my case, she'll give me 90 minutes).
Again, since our meeting, I'm happy to report that I have actually exceeded her challenge.  I'm eating something within 30 minutes of waking (if I must eat, it may as well be with that first cup of coffee!).
So when I report for the first meeting next Tuesday, she should be mightily impressed with my progress.
Who knows, perhaps I will have dropped a few pounds by then too!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mack's back

By that I mean the Mack trucks.
They came through my bedroom last night.
Which means I've been pushing myself too hard the last little while.
Last week was a rough one.
Too much running back and forth to the city without adequate rest time between trips.
So now, my body is making me rest.
It's giving me no options.
Fortunately, I don't have to make the trip to the city for physio today (therapist is away this week).
Today I will sit and read.
And rest.
And recuperate.
I'll do the same thing tomorrow if necessary.
Thursday, my massage therapist will be here and she will work out the kinks.
Then, all will be right with my world again.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

John had another birthday

Yesterday was John's 81st birthday. Again this year, he didn't want to mark it.
"Don't get me anything," said he when I broached the topic several weeks ago. "And no, I don't want to do anything.  We'll just go for a pizza."
I know better than to plan anything for him, however small, without his complete agreement.  He simply would not be a happy camper.
So I planned nothing.  We would go for a pizza after the ball game.  (And yes my boys won, just for him!)
Then, about a week before the event, he decides he'd like to have "KFC with Marcus."  Well, that'll be a challenge given that there are no KFC outlets in this immediate area.  "Do you really want to drive into Ottawa late on the afternoon of your own birthday so you can have KFC with Marcus?"  I queried.
Eventually, my darling little chickadee suggested that they would come out to our place (a second weekend in a row, having just been here on the Saturday of Easter weekend).  And they would pick up KFC en route.
By Tuesday (or was it Wednesday?), John had contacted his two sons to see if they could join us.
This was quickly becoming that party he didn't want.
Obviously there were now other members of the family who had to be included.
We were quickly creating a monster.
Now, we all know that some people have lives and they just might have commitments.  His daughter was  unable to join us on such short notice.
His sister and her husband had been planning to stop over anyway.  It was, after all, his birthday.
By Friday, he was "really looking forward to tomorrow."  (Next year, I start two months prior to his birthday, and remind him of this last minute gala.)
All of a sudden, my little chickadee was picking up chicken for ten people, and would she please also pick up ice cream which I completely forgot to get on Friday when I was running around getting decorations and goodies to put together a party.  John Jr was commissioned to pick up the cake on his way through town. (I had ordered it earlier in the week.)
The cake (again, from our local Baker Bob's --  he makes the best cakes!) was quite the hit.
It all turned out quite well in spite of its being such an impromptu event.  A good time was had and everyone was very well fed.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I've got the tickets!

It's official.  I'm going to see the Jersey Boys!

I bought the tickets this morning.
Originally, I thought I had to wait until April 6th to buy the tickets but they went on "pre-sale" last night.  (My little chickadee gets e-mails about this stuff and shares them with me.  She takes very good care of my interests!)
Anyway, I immediately tried to buy tickets last night but wasn't liking what I was being offered (the second row of an eight-seater box).  I also didn't like the fact that TicketMaster charges an obscene $11.50 per ticket when ordering from them.  I mean really.  Per ticket?  I can understand per order, but per ticket is just downright wrong.
I decided to wait until I could buy them directly from the Box Office without paying such objectionable fees.
But I woke up this morning and wondered if that was wise.  What if the best seats were gone by the time I could go to the Box Office (Monday morning).
So, I went back on-line and asked for the best available box seats again.  This time, I was offered the first row of an eight-seater box.  Well, now we're talking.  It's not exactly a private box (four other people will be seated behind us) but at least we'll be in the front!
Not being a gambler, I decided to bite the bullet and pay the ridiculous extra fees to grab those seats while they were available.  No telling how much longer they would be there.
It really truly rots my socks to have to bow to what can only be described as highway robbery.  The only way to purchase tickets is through TicketMaster.  It's really sad that we let them hold us to ransom like this!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It's Opening Day!

Finally, it's Opening Day of 2013 Baseball Season.
Tonight, at 7:00 pm I'll be busy -- watching my Blue Jays take to the field against the Cleveland Indians.
Let's Play Ball!
Go Jays Go!