Sunday, November 30, 2014

My Advent Calendar

Every year on December 1st, I put out an "Advent Calendar" to count down the days 'til Christmas.
I've done it ever since my little chickadee was truly a wee chickadee.
Several years ago, on a lark, as I passed through Starbucks to get to Chapters, I noticed a most intriguing Advent tree.
It was comprised of numbered drawers, arranged in a tree formation, with each drawer containing a small chocolate treat.
As the treat is claimed on each day of December, the drawer is to be turned around before it is returned to its rightful place on the tree.
And when completed, on the 24th day, a winter scene is revealed.
It was perfect!
It could be used year after year, simply by refilling the drawers each year.
I couldn't find the price on the display unit and eventually I found someone to ask.
Turned out I had found the manager.
He told me the price and asked me if I wanted to buy it.
As I hemmed and hawed, not so sure that I wanted to spend quite that much, he made me a deal I couldn't refuse.
He told me that if I bought the tree, which was the last one he had in stock, I could also take the display unit, since he would no longer have use for it.
That made the price so much more reasonable.
So I grabbed them.
One for my little chickadee.
And one for me.
And forever after, we have the same advent tree which we fill with treats to help us count down the days until Santa's arrival.
Last year, I forgot and didn't get the tree filled until December 3rd.  This year, I was ready.  Bought the candy two weeks ago.  Filled the tree today.
We're good to go tomorrow!

Monday, November 24, 2014

I graduated!

I am no longer required to use a cane!
Truth be told, I haven't been using the cane for quite some time, except when I go to physiotherapy.
But today, it's official.
Physiotherapist has given me permission to quit using the cane.
  • When I go out for this first winter, I must take the cane with me for stability in icy conditions (my cane has a pick on it), and I must use creepers on my boots.  We don't want to fall!!
  • If I'm going to be doing a lot of walking, (ie shopping with MLC) I should really take my cane with me for when fatigue sets in.
Otherwise, I'm good to go!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lest we forget

Remember our Veterans
Many gave their lives for us

Percy E. Gibson was an uncle whom I never knew, but I recall hearing his name often.
  His widow, Mary Gibson, was my mother's eldest sister (my Aunt Mamie).

Percy Edward Gibson

My maternal grandfather's older brother (therefore my grand uncle), William Thomas Sharpe (1889-1919) died in Germany as he boarded the ship to take him home to Liverpool where his young wife and almost four year old son waited.  That child would grow up knowing nothing of his father's younger brother, whose name he shared.  In 2004, my family tree research led me to his descendants, many of whom I am in touch with today.


Let us also not forget:

My maternal grandfather, Samuel Sharpe (1896-1964), who served in WWI (photo taken 1915) and loved it so much he re-enlisted for WWII (photo taken 1941).

My paternal grandfather, Thomas Cherryholme, (1896-1960) who also served in WWI.  Although I don't have a photo of him in uniform, here he is c1952.

And my father, Richard Romeo Cherryholme, (1926-1979), who served as a rear gunner in WWII.

My father is seated, second from left.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fibro rears its ugly head

I was doing so well.
Until Sunday when havoc broke out in our home (a severely blocked toilet).  Nothing would solve the problem.
Fortunately we have another downstairs so I was at least able to relieve myself.  Was a pain having to go downstairs during the the night though.
The plumber was able to get here nice and early on Monday morning and he resolved the issue within minutes with his professional snake.  (The one we had bought from the hardware store wasn't nearly up to the job.)
All was well in the Fowler household again.
Except the Mack trucks had invaded the bedroom overnight.
I had obviously done too much with all the ups and downs involved in trying to resolve the bathroom issue, not to mention having to go up and down every time I had to "go."  (Yes, by the end of the day I was using the stair lift!)
Needless to say, I'm in a flare-up and it's having an impact on my ability to rehab.
I went to rehab physio yesterday and the therapist chose not to introduce anything new yet, since I could barely do the minimum as it was.  So she taped me up again and sent me on my way.  (She has been taping my knee to provide extra stability for it and it really makes a difference all around.)
Today, I am still sore as all get-out.
Not at all fun.
But I'm going into Ottawa for my "feel good" physiotherapy (read:  acupuncture).  That'll do the trick for sure.
Getting my hair cut later this afternoon too.  It needs it desperately.  
And I'm staying overnight at my little chickadee's so I won't be making the round trip in one day.  That means I get to have breakfast with my handsome young cadet in the morning.  Bonus!!!!!
Hopefully, I'll be in better shape tomorrow for my rehab physio.