Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Never-ending fun around here

Oh dear, the fun just never stops around here.
My ENT specialist managed to see me yesterday.
And thank the good Lord that he did.
My left ear is badly infected (having festered since last Thursday, and worsened as I continued to thrust my hearing aid in and through the swelling).
He stuffed a cotton plug into the ear canal, explaining that it is the only way the antibiotic drops can get into the ear, so severe is the swelling.
I have to put four drops into the ear twice a day for seven days.
And I have to see him again tomorrow so he can remove the plug and check on the progress.  (If the plug comes out in the meantime, that's OK too -- it means the swelling has subsided, which is a good thing.)
Thrown into the mix is another trip to the city today because this is John's date with the dermatologist to have his basal cell carcinomas removed from his face (they will be scraped and burned off).
So for someone who cancelled her physiotherapy session yesterday because she wasn't "up to making that round trip,"  I have now had to do just that yesterday, again today and will have to do it yet again tomorrow.
That's three consecutive days of trips to the city.
When I'm already not up to snuff.
Just asking for a fibro flare-up, I say.
Fortunately, John has been doing the driving which helps alleviate some of the pressure but still not very good planning ...

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