Thursday, October 13, 2011

Another day on the road

For the third day in a row, we have to make our way into the city today.
This time, we have to be there for 9:15am so my ENT can remove this cursed plug from my ear and once again  vacuum it out (torturous!).  I'm telling you, when he puts that suction thingy in my ear, it feels like he's drawing from my toes.  And it hurts like a bugger!
I already know that I'll have to continue the drops for another five days, and I know that I can't use my hearing aid for another two days after the suctioning (have to let the ear heal from the assault of the treatment).
But I really do hope that when I get home today, I'll finally be able to wash my hair.
I mean really, do you have any idea of how gross my hair is having not been washed since Monday?
Everything I read and hear talks about how our ability to produce oils reduces as we age.  By the time we are in our 60s, apparently, there is virtually no oil production.
Yeh, in your dreams baby.
My hair is still super oily, as is my facial skin.
I can truly say that I've not noticed any reduction in the oils in either my hair or face.
And today, Thursday morning, my hair is stuck-to-my-head oily.
Feels disgusting.
Looks even worse.
And I have to go into the city looking like this.
Good thing I'm only going up to his office and back down to the car.
Because I would hate like hell to be seen in public looking like this.
Better not be in an accident en route.
(At least I'll be wearing clean underwear ...)

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