Saturday, October 15, 2011

Genealogy Weekend

I'll spend this weekend doing what I love best -- genealogy.
My good friend, RLR, will be arriving later this afternoon for a weekend of genealogy education.
For her last birthday (which was her 60th) I had researched her lineage for her and presented her with two binders chock-a-block full of documentation.  I also offered to teach her how to use the software to keep track of the information, and how to use the internet to further research her line.
She has since bought the software she will use but has not yet installed it on her computer, nor has she done anything further with the file I gave her.  We had discussed the choices of my spending a weekend at her home or her bringing her laptop to my home for a weekend.  Eventually, my home won out (she hasn't yet seen my sanctuary and we are both anxious for that to happen).
Initially, we almost managed the exercise at the beginning of the month but that got postponed to this weekend.
And now here we are and it's actually going to happen today.
Of course, we'll do some visiting too because the "class" part of the weekend won't really take all that long, so many talks we've had on the topic.
John has been looking forward to preparing dinner for us so you can be sure that today will be spent mostly on socializing.
I guess class won't truly start before tomorrow morning.

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