Saturday, October 8, 2011

My happy dance is over

Uh oh, I think I jinxed them.
Yup.  Those poor Phillies.
I had so wanted Roy "Doc" Halladay to finally have his chance for that coveted World Series ring.
And this year, it looked like he was actually headed there.  His team had the best record in all of major league baseball, coming out of the regular season.  But when you get into post season, your regular season record don't mean squat.
The Phillies were paired with the wild card St. Louis Cardinals for the National League Division best of five series. They were tied at two games apiece as they went into last night's sudden-death rubber game.
The Cards beat the Phillies, 1-0, last night, eliminating the Phillies from the post season.
There goes Doc's chance at that ring again.
All because I had to do a happy dance when the Yanks were eliminated.
It's all my fault. Really it is.  I knew it wasn't nice to take pleasure in someone else's misfortune.
The Arizona Diamondbacks were also eliminated last night (again, because I did my happy dance?), so even Johnny Mac is out of the running for further post season glory.
I'm so sorry Doc and Johnny.  Next year, I'll keep my views to myself, honest.
With all my "favoured" players out of contention, my baseball season has come to an end for 2011.  It matters not to me how the rest of the season plays out now.  (Although being an American League fan I guess I will pull for that team to win the Series, now that neither Doc nor Johnny Mac will by vying for the title.)
And you know what the irony of this situation is?  That it was the Cards who defeated Doc?  And that I today do a happy dance every time someone (anyone) beats "dem damn Yanks?"
Way back in 1964, it was my love of Elston Howard, catcher for the New York Yankees, that solidified my interest in baseball.   (I still have a soft spot for catchers.)  And my favourite team back then?   The Cardinals (they took the World Series, beating dem damn Yanks four games to three).
No 'splaining for some people's interests, is there?

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