Monday, May 30, 2011

Getting back to genealogy

I've been trying to get back to my beloved genealogy research.
I say trying, because it really is difficult to sit in front of the computer for any length of time.
It's actually difficult to sit anywhere for any length of time.
I have to constantly change position, change activity, change focal point ... you get the picture.
But a couple of weeks ago, I got side-tracked as a result of an e-mail from a new-found distant cousin:
"Hello Bonnie
This is just to say a very big thank you for all the Cherryholme genealogy that you have placed on the internet.
My great great grandmother was Hannah Cherryholme (such a pretty name) who married a John McKenny.
She was born in about 1841 and is sister to your John Cherryholme born in 1836.
So through your research I have got back another 3 generations to John who married Jane Hill.
I was absolutely delighted to discover this info and thank you again for sharing it.
With all best wishes, ..."
Of course, that e-mail resulted in an exchange that caused me to go digging again.
And every time I dig anew, I find fresh information for my tree.  Holes that I had tried for years to plug are slowly being filled in.  Right now, I'm waiting for seven certificates to arrive from England (sure hope they get here before the strike hits!):  birth certificates for three of my great-grandmother's siblings; a death certificate for another great grandmother's sister; the marriage and death certificates for my great grandfather's sister; and a death certificate for another great grandmother's brother.
Each of those certificates should provide new information that will lead me to more paths to follow.
You see, I'm such a purist at this game that I want all the information.
Not just my direct line -- I want all their siblings too; that means birth, marriage and death (BMDs) of each member of each family for each generation.
My binders are many as I wade my way through the generations, collecting documentation.
Why do I do this?  Why is it so important to collect BMDs for each member of each family?
Because often, that is the only way one can prove relationship to someone.
For instance, had I not collected the marriage info for each of my 2nd great grandfather (John Cherryhome)'s siblings, I would not have known, immediately that the above e-mail landed in my inbox, that the writer was indeed related to me.
How did I know definitively that the writer was my fourth cousin?
Because he's descended from Hannah Cherryholme McKenny and I knew that my 2nd great grandaunt, Hannah Cherryholme, had married John McKenny.
My new cousin was delighted when I sent him copies of Hannah's birth, marriage, and death certificates.
"Thanks once again for all the amazing info. that you have passed on to me. You really have done a staggering amount of work !!
In contrast I am a mere beginner."
His research is just beginning and I hope that I've been able to spark a light that will hold him in good stead as he continues on this ever fascinating journey.
Thank YOU cousin, for steering me back to what I so enjoy doing.

Friday, May 27, 2011

What a fabulous feeling!

Wow, I had a "normal person's" day today!
I did too!
I woke this morning feeling totally refreshed, and raring to go.
By 8:00am, I had baked beans going in the slow cooker, I had read the morning newspaper, I had emptied the dishwasher, I had made oatmeal for breakfast, and I had the makings for our salad ready to be prepared.
By 9:00am, the salad was made, the kitchen was cleaned from breakfast and from having made the salad (and from last night's pots), and I had a load of laundry on the go.
By 10:30am I was back from the grocery store, all items put away and I was ready to sit down and read for the rest of the day.
Now, I would call that a productive morning!
By 3:00pm, that load of laundry was dried, folded and put away.
And I was on supper detail tonight too!
I can't even begin to describe how wonderful it feels to have put in a day like that and not feel dog tired!  I didn't even have a nap today.  Not one!
Just like the good old days, when I used to have a life.
The solution is obvious.  I should have a massage every other day, n'est ce pas?
Too bad I can't afford to do that because I sooooooooooo enjoyed being able to function today.
But now, my friends, it's time to go watch my boys of summer play ball.  I wonder how many innings I'll manage tonight, after the day I've put in today?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The fatigue has finally lifted

OK, I've finally come out of that cave I've been occupying for the past several days.
Thank goodness this latest flare-up didn't last as long as some!
Yesterday, I actually felt like a member of the human race again, although I was still quite sluggish.  I thought I was "back" but wanted to go slow and easy, just in case.  So, I sat and read for the day.
At least that was my intent.
But every time I opened the book, I fell asleep!
So I guess I wasn't quite out of the woods yet.
But today, I'm fairly confident that the fog has lifted.
I know it's early going yet, seeing as how it's only 5:00am and I'm just beginning my day, but I can tell by the way my body feels that things are different today.
So again, I'll take it slow and easy simply because I don't want to fall back into that hole.
Anyway, today is massage day, and my therapist comes to my home, which makes for a very undemanding day for me.  And when she leaves, around 2:30pm, I'll be left in a vegetative state for the remainder of the day.
That should guarantee a good night's sleep tonight, leaving me ripe and ready for action as we head into the week-end.
What action, you might ask?
We have no plans; no commitments.
But I'll be ready and able to participate, should anything present itself.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just call me Rip Van Winkle

Seriously, this is getting ridiculous.
Just as I predicted, I'm paying the price for having pushed my limits last week.  (Sometimes, I really hate it when I'm right.)
On Sunday morning, I awoke thinking I was reasonably refreshed.  We hadn't been too late the evening before at the gun club dinner so I was in bed before 10:00pm, and it was approaching 7:00am before I got up the next morning.  (Yes, I had been awake at my usual intervals to change position.)
My feeling of being refreshed only lasted about two hours though.
I sat reading the newspaper and the need to sleep was overwhelming.
So, sleep I did.
My boys were playing ball at 1:00pm so I kind of woke up to turn the television on.  I could hear the game in the background but I didn't really watch the game.  I woke up to see the final inning (we lost).
I slept on and off all evening too.
Then I got up and went to bed.
Again, when I woke on Monday morning, I thought I was refreshed.
But I was wrong.  The energy only lasted about two hours and I just had to sleep again.
This time, I managed to read the newspaper but again when the game came on, I couldn't keep my eyes open.  So another game was played without me.  But this time, we won (beat dem dam Yanks!) and I did manage to wake up to see the important plays.
I spoke with my little chickadee briefly yesterday and when I was telling her how tired I was, she suggested that I might be fighting something.  She might be right, but it's more likely this stupid fibro rearing its ugly head again.
All because I pushed myself too hard last week:  Wednesday to the big city to see the surgeon; Thursday to take my good friend for her steroid injection; Friday to attend the fundraiser; and Saturday for dinner at the gun club.  I'm supposed to pace myself and that pace is too much.
Apparently, the only pace I can handle is "stop."
Anyway, after all that sleep, I woke this morning still feeling drained.
No energy whatsoever.
Within a half hour of waking, as I sat reading the newspaper, the urge to go back to sleep was overwhelming.
Today, I was supposed to go into the big city for my physiotherapy session.
I've called and cancelled that appointment.
There is just no way I can endure the 45 minute drive there and back; I might fall asleep at the wheel!
I don't know how much longer this flare-up will last but it can end any time now because I've certainly had enough of it.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

If there was doubt before ...

... there is no more.
All I have to do is remember last night.
After having made trips to the city on back to back days on Wednesday and Thursday, I was feeling like I'd been hit by a couple of mack trucks yesterday.
Paying the price, one might say.
And last evening, we went BACK into the city to attend a fundraiser (which was hugely enjoyable, I will admit).
We first went for dinner, after stopping in at John's gun club to deliver medals for the skeet competition that is happening this long weekend.
We parked within a city block of where the fundraiser was taking place.
I used my cane because in addition to the walk from the parking lot, there would be "milling about" to view the various displays before we moved into the theatre for the program.
Well!  Let me tell you, folks.
Before it was time to retire to the theatre, my left hip was letting me know that it needs to be replaced.
And by the time we were seated, I was in absolute agony!
At the intermission, I headed off to find water so I could take a codeine tablet and hopefully get some relief (as usual, it only afforded minimal reduction in pain).
I leaned over to John and whispered, "If I ever again even hint at doubt about needing this hip replaced, just remind me about tonight."
"I don't think I'll have to remind you," he said, "you're not likely to forget."
Last night was perfect reinforcement of what my physiotherapist has been saying all along.  The only reason the pain has remained at bay was because I wasn't doing anything.  But as soon as I attempt activity even close to normal, it's no go.
Of course, sleep has been out of the question because now I'm "in a crisis," as my physiotherapist calls it.
I'll try to get some rest at some point today before making an appearance at John's gun club for tonight's dinner.  John has to go over around 1:00pm to officiate at one of the competitions, but I'll wait until closer to eating time and just show up for the social.
And tomorrow, I'll die!
But, let there me no doubt about it, folks.
If I want to have a life, this hip has got to go.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Another long day ahead

I'm facing another long day on the road today.
Not good planning, I know but sometimes these things just happen.
Today's commitment had been booked for some time, and then I got the call last week to see the surgeon yesterday morning.  I certainly wasn't going to say no to THAT one.
So, two consecutive days of mucho driving, but them's the breaks.
Today, I'm picking up my good friend, RLR, to take her for a steroid injection in her SI joint.  We'll go for breakfast first and have a nice confab so the trip will also be a social visit, which is always enjoyable.
Now, originally, when she was given the appointment and she asked if I would be able to provide taxi service, I agreed and proceeded to rework my massage appointment to accommodate her (moved my massage from Thursday to Wednesday).
Then I got the call to see the surgeon on Wednesday.
Changed physio from Tuesday to Wednesday.  Didn't want to be going into the big city on Tuesday for physio, then again on Wednesday to see the surgeon, then again on Thursday as a taxi.
So my massage therapy had to be cancelled altogether because it simply wouldn't work.  There was no way we could fit the timing to allow for a massage.  (Why do my therapists only work Tuesday through Thursday anyway?)
Sometimes you just gotta do what you just gotta do.
Now I've left a message for my therapist to ask if there is any way she can fit me in, even for a half hour session, at the end of her day today (which is 2:45pm - 3:00pm) so she can work her miracle on my SI joint.  I enjoyed so much benefit from whatever she did on Saturday that I'd really like a repeat treatment because it is starting to seize again.
My physiotherapist wasn't at all surprised to hear that my SI joint is giving me problems.  She told me that many of her patients who have hip problems also present with SI issues, eventually, because the inability of the hip to function properly causes stress on the SI joint.  It is inevitable that one would develop problems in that area.  So she added acupuncture needles to those points as well (we must be up to 50 by now).  She was really pleased to hear that massage gave such profound relief (and was delighted to learn that I'm finally wait-listed for hip replacement).
With any luck, my massage therapist will be able to fit me in as I'm returning from my taxi duty today and she can work out the kinks I will have developed from two days on the road.
I sure hope she can take me because our calendar has us going into the city again tomorrow evening for a benefit, and then again on Saturday for dinner at John's gun club.
Fortunately, I have a full day to rest between each of those events, but I can see the flare-up coming now ...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm on the "Wait List"

I saw the second opinion surgeon this morning.
He is now my official orthopaedic surgeon.
He was very definitive about it too.
"No question you will benefit from hip replacment," he said.  "So, if you're interested in proceeding with this, my wait list is nine to ten months."
Of course, I had already been given that information, so it came as no surprise to me.
"Can I be put on a cancellation list?" I asked.
"Yes," he laughed.  "But, I have to tell you that almost everyone is on that list too."
So, obviously the wait list and the cancellation list are essentially the same list.
Oh well.
He asked if I had ever had steroid injections, and (yet again) I explained that I had enjoyed twelve weeks of bliss last summer when I took a shot.
"Do you want another one?" he asked.
"I'm actually booked for one on June 9th," I replied, "so I guess it's OK that I go ahead with it?"
"Absolutely," he said, "you may as well get relief where you can while you're waiting."
I like the way this guy thinks.  I think we'll get along just fine.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Fifty years already?

A newspaper story caught my eye this morning.
It would seem that today marks the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy's first visit to Ottawa.
Fifty years!!!!
I remember the day like it was yesterday.
I just checked a perpetual calendar for May 16, 1961 and that date fell on a Monday -- which for an almost 11 year old most certainly would have been a school day -- explaining why the event I remember occurred in the late afternoon (after I returned home from school).
I clearly recall hearing on the radio that Kennedy was in Ottawa and that his motorcade would be making its way down Sussex Drive.
We lived a very short distance from Sussex Drive so I hightailed it out of the house, intent on getting a glimpse of the man.  (Apparently, my political junkie roots are well established.)
I ran as fast as my legs would carry me and made it to Sussex Drive just as the motorcade was approaching.
Being a child, it wasn't difficult to burrow my way into the front of the crowd that had already gathered.
And as the motorcade passed us, John F. Kennedy looked right at me, smiled, and waved -- to ME!
My heart was racing as I made my way home to tell everyone that he waved to me, he actually waved to ME!
Now, I know that he was waving to the crowd, but as far as my little girl's heart was concerned, that wave was meant only for me.
That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.
Fifty years you say?
Can't be.
I'm only 29!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The fun just never stops

I had a most enlightening session with my massage therapist yesterday.
As she was working on my back, I asked her which joint a specific one was because it has been causing me a lot of grief for quite some time now.  I reached back and touched the spot in question and she told me what I had been suspecting all along.
"That's your SI joint," she said.  "How long has it been a problem?"
"Oh, quite a while," I answered.  "I just never bothered raising the issue because there was so much else going on with my hips.  But now I'm starting to become concerned that maybe we're barking up the wrong tree.  What if my pain is coming from somewhere other than my hips?"
So there followed a lesson in anatomy as to how the SI joint is involved in the movement of the hip and she suspects that the inflammation in my SI joint is secondary to the erosion of my hip joint.  She told me that there has been inflammation in that area for as long as she has treated me.
"That area is always warm to the touch," she told me, "which means there is inflammation.  But I didn't realize you were having pain."
She proceeded to treat the joint, which she had not previously done in any of our sessions.
And what a difference that one treatment has made!  The ever-present severe pain in my lower left back that I have had for months now is no longer.
She told me that she would continue treating the area, now that she knows I have the problem, and commented that it's really too bad I hadn't said something sooner because she could have been dealing with it all along.
She explained that the SI joint becomes inflamed and seizes as a result of the hip joint being unable to function properly -- yet another reason to get my hip fixed asap!
So there you have it.
I walk with difficulty because my hips don't function properly.
My SI joint seizes because I don't walk properly.
I can't sleep on my sides because my hips hurt.
I shouldn't sleep on my back because it affects my breathing.
I'm fatigued because I don't sleep well.
Fibromyalgia is worsened by lack of restful sleep and I'm having frequent flare-ups because I'm acutely fatigued.
Seems to me, if I get these hips fixed, my fibro flare-ups will be reduced because I'll be able to sleep on one side or the other.
So maybe, just maybe, by this time next year, I'll have a life back!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Where does the time go?

Gosh, but time flies when you're having fun, doesn't it?  Of course, I'm being facetious, because fun is not exactly what has been filling up my time and preventing me from blogging.
It's also baseball season so if my boys are playing ball, I'm watching them (and I can't be on the computer when I'm doing that).
You see, I can only spend so much time in front of the computer and sometimes, there are things I need to do, other than blogging.  So by the time I've finished taking care of other business, I've had the biscuit and can't tolerate any further time in front of the screen.
When I think about the long hours I used to put in at a desk, it amazes me that I can now spend so little time doing just that.  Back when I was a working stiff, I thought nothing of working 10 or 11 hour days -- it was routine because my job demanded it.  A great deal of that time was spent in front of a computer, juggling several different tasks.  And that was even more true when I started working from home, because then I was also managing to tackle household chores while I took care of office business -- and I did it without skipping a beat!
Today, if I have more than two or three chores to handle, I'm overwhelmed.
I have to so carefully pace myself, and meticulously plan out my days that I find I get miniscule amounts done in a day, compared to what I used to accomplish in the same timeframe.
That disturbs me greatly, but I have to accept my limitations and manage my time as best I can.
So, some days, there is no blogging.  Sorry folks.
On Tuesday, I had to go into the big city for my physio appointment.  And I guess since that means showering and doing my hair before I leave, I'm already out of energy by the time I get in my car to start my trip!  Of course, I always piggy-back other errands on that outing and this time I planned them at the beginning of the trip so I could just go straight home from the session rather than run around like a mad fool after the treatment and undo all the benefit of it.
My physiotherapist was delighted to learn that I'll be seeing the second opinion surgeon next week, and even more pleased to hear that I'd be seeing her right after that visit.  She'll get to find out right away what the verdict is.  When I expressed to her, yet again, my fears about the origin of my pain ("What if my pain is not coming from the hip joint, but is of some other cause and the surgery doesn't solve anything?"), she conducted yet another examination of me.
My left hip is absolutely a problem, and she doesn't understand why the x-ray doesn't show the extent to which I have no range of motion.  My right hip is only marginally better.  She is fairly well convinced that surgery is indicated and she reminded me of the relief I got from those steroid injections (diagnostically indicative of the relief I can expect to enjoy from the surgery).
Later, when I got home, I reviewed my journal about the results I enjoyed from those injections.
Sure enough, I had 12 weeks of bliss with the left hip joint, and I was sleeping through the night until I inflamed the right joint by all the walking I was doing (remember, I embarked on a walking program because I was feeling oh so much better?).
The right hip joint only got seven weeks of relief from the shot, but I again was able to sleep better until the left hip joint inflamed, again because of the increased activity on which I embarked because my right hip felt so much better.
Had they injected both hips simultaneously, I'd have had it made!
I'll take these details to that appointment next week to discuss with the surgeon.
Yesterday, John had an appointment in the city and we had to leave here by 9:15am.  So that was a second consecutive round-trip to the big city (not very good planning on my part, but sometimes these things happen).
We turned the outing into an enjoyable social opportunity by hooking up with a good friend for lunch at a newly-opened diner in the area so the trip wasn't for naught, but I sure was beat when we got home.
I ended up sleeping in the afternoon, and just vegging for the early evening (and watching my boys beat up on the Red Sox).
Today, I'm taking care of business, but I decided to make blogging a priority (there's also a load of laundry under way).
Tomorrow, I'm picking up a friend and we're going for lunch at a local favourite haunt that is closing at the end of the month (it will be missed).  This friend has advanced macular degeneration and is no longer able to drive so she very much enjoys our occasional outings, as do I.
I'll have the weekend and the early part of the week to take care of some intense computer work that has been hanging over my head -- sure hope I get it all done because my worry wheel is starting to go into overdrive.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Progress, progress

Well, things are moving right along now.
John and I spent last evening plotting out our plan of attack vis a vis my hip situation.  He's been getting increasingly concerned about my inability to do anything lately and we've both been feeling quite helpless about the whole thing.
Of course, we can't ignore the role that fibromyalgia is playing in this scenario: the hip pain keeps me from sleeping at night so I am more fatigued during the day; the increased fatigue prevents me from doing a lot of things I might otherwise be doing during the day; the lack of activity increases the fibro pain.  As the fibro pain increases, my ability to do anything decreases.
The cycle goes on and on.
Anyway, we had it all worked out about how if I didn't have an appointment to see the surgeon before June 9th, I would have to cancel that steroid injection because I can't very well go to the surgeon during the pain free period -- he would assess me as not needing surgery!
So we decided that if no call came in the next couple days, he would call the surgeon's office to put some heat on (perhaps a plea from a concerned husband would do the trick?).
Well, none of our scheming was necessary.
The surgeon's office called this morning.
I have an appointment to see Dr. Paul Kim at 8:00am, Wednesday, May 18th.
Now, that's an early call for us to be in the big city, but I wasn't going to say no.
We'll have to be out of here well before 7:00am that day since we'll be hitting the morning rush and we have to go right through the city to get to the hospital where he will be seeing me.
But, maybe, just maybe, it will all be worth it.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers' Day

To all mothers everywhere, have a wonderful day.
To my little chickadee, thank you for making every day mother's day.
To my beautiful boy, you make being a grandmother so very rewarding.
Love you both up to the sky and back again.
And to my extended family, all of whom enrich the day that much more, thank you for making "stepmother" a pleasant roll to fill.
Love to all of you on Mother's Day and every day.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Decisions, decisions

In the past month, I've received three calls from the Queensway Carleton Hospital, offering me dates for that third cortisone injection (second one in my left hip joint) that was requisitioned last September (before I was referred for hip replacement assessment).
So far, I've managed to hold them off because of the potential for hip replacement surgery and they just keep my name in the queue until I tell them to take it out altogether (which is what I would do, should I actually confirm a date for surgery).
When they called again yesterday, giving me a June 9th appointment, I decided to take it.  I figure I may as well have a twelve week holiday from the pain while I wait to hear from the second opinion surgeon, especially since I know that even once I see him, I'll still have to wait a further nine to ten months for surgery.
So, I'll get that shot.  And I'll enjoy my summer.
If I haven't seen the surgeon before June 9th, I guess I won't seem like I actually need surgery when he examines me because I'll be in the benefit period of that injection.  Hopefully, he'll understand that and assess me accordingly.  He'll have to take my word for what I can't normally do though.  (I'm assuming I will see him at least by the end of the summer.)
It really is a crap shoot though.
I am now nine months removed from the last injection and I wanted to be as far from the effects of the steroids as possible when I have the surgery (because of my breathing issues with anaesthetic).  If I don't have this shot, I'll be that much further removed from having had any steroids when and if the surgery eventually happens.
However, in the absence of any evidence that I will have surgery (the second opinion surgeon could assess me as not needing it), I have to take relief when and where I can get it.
I'm not a gambler so I'm going with the sure bet -- I know absolutely that the injection will give me a holiday from the pain and I so want to be able to enjoy the summer.
But I hope I'm not impinging on my chance of gaining long-term relief by taking the shot.
I'll send my doctor a message, outlining the conundrum I'm now facing and I'll ask for his advice.  If he feels I shouldn't go ahead with the injection, I'll cancel the appointment.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The games have only just begun!

We had an election night dinner party here on May 2nd; invited two couples to join us to watch the election results roll in.
We deliberately planned the evening for an 8:00pm sit-down so that we would be finishing our meal on time to hear the good (or bad) news.
Before dinner, each of us had recorded our predictions for each party's seat projection, and those papers were put aside until the final tally was obvious.
Of course, the only discussion all evening was political in nature (fortunately, we were all of the same persuasion).
The interesting thing was, I had recorded my projections on the morning the writ was dropped back on March 26th.  A few weeks into the campaign, I was asked if I wanted to change my numbers.  "Not at all," I said.  "At least not for the winning party, I don't.  Perhaps the others might change places, given the way the campaign is going, but my projection for a majority government still stands."
Sadly, I was wrong.
I underestimated the size of the majority by five seats.
The Bloc was decimated -- which is what I had hoped for but not quite what I had projected.
And Iggy got what he deserved -- I had been generous with my projection for his success, giving him five more seats than he won.
But the Dippers?  My projection for them was to give them what was left once I had apportioned seats to the other parties.  But I never thought they'd actually do it.  And I was 20 seats shy of what they actually achieved.  Unbelievable!
Now, Jack really has his work cut out for him.  Bringing all those newbie MPs to Ottawa and forming a cohesive caucus with them will be a herculean challenge.
But I really feel sorry for the administrative arms of the House of Commons.
The poor staff had probably not yet finished educating the new MPs from the 2008 election in the workings of the House, and now they have to start over with a fresh new crop of people, but this time it is with several who have never even held jobs before.  Oooohh la la, it's going to be chaos in the printing and post office divisions for some time to come.
And the Pay and Benefits staff?   They have to prepare the paperwork and offer support for all the outgoing MPs (and their staff), while bringing on strength all the new MPs (and their staff).
What a circus that place will be (more so than it usually is, I mean).
And then there's the assignment of office space.
Those few remaining Liberal MPs lose the office space they had been occupying, since they are now the third party in the House.
Even the Bloc MPs lose their office space; they don't even have official party status.
The Dippers, who previously got leftovers as the fourth party in the House, now get first dibs on prime space (after the Government, of course).
I know of what I speak, having spent many years and gone through many election cycles on Parliament Hill, I have witnessed first hand the nightmares that result following these events.
Oh the games have only just begun!
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Mothers' Day

I know, I know.  It's not Mothers' Day yet.
But for the past many years MLC and I have celebrated the annual event on whichever day I'm in town closest to the actual day.  And this year, that would be today.
You see, I can live quite nicely without the crowds that are inevitable on these occasions.
Besides, my little chickadee and I have always felt that we don't truly need a particular day of the year for her to tell me (or show me) that she loves me and appreciates me.
Our relationship is such that I know how she feels about me, each and every day of the year.  Just as she knows how I feel about her, each and every day of the year.
Every day is special for us because that is how we live our lives.
So today, since I am going into the big city to "get beautiful," (read:  get my hair cut again), we will make this visit my Mothers' Day trip.  We'll let my beautiful boy decide where dinner will be, just because we usually let him choose the venue (our way of letting him know, every day, that he's special?).
And this visit will be an extra special treat because Pauple will actually join us (he's usually working so I don't normally see him when I'm there).
Tomorrow morning, of course, I'll take MBB for our traditional breakfast before dropping him off at his daycare.  Then I'll deliver his mother to work before making my way home, stopping off at the grocery store en route.
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Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Sleep Study report

The results of my sleep study are in (I actually got the report on Friday but I've been busy with my new toy ... my iPad2 also arrived that afternoon).
The good news:  I don't have sleep apnea.
The not news:  I should not sleep supine.
Duhhhh!  Why don't they tell me something I don't know.
I mean, really.  That's what precipitated this whole exercise.
My request to my doctor stated:  "I'm trying to train myself to sleep on my back since I can't sleep on either side for any length of time.  But I've noticed troubling breathing problems ..."
And the sleep study's Interpretation and Recommendations?  "This is loud snoring mainly.  Nothing here explains her spontaneous arousals and daytime sleepiness.  For the small amount of sleep-disordered breathing seen, learning to sleep off supine would be helpful."
So I should learn to sleep off supine, should I?
OK, I'll get right on that.
I can explain the spontaneous arousals:  hip pain.
I can explain the daytime sleepiness:  lack of restorative sleep resulting from spontaneous arousals due to hip pain.
I'll return to sleeping off supine just as soon as I get these damned hips fixed.
Ever feel like you're going round in circles?
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