Friday, September 30, 2011

Dermatological Update

So, here's the scoop, following our visit with the dermatologist yesterday.
First, it took us from 7:50am until 9:15am to make the trip from our home to her office (should have taken 40 minutes tops).
Why, you might ask?
Well, the only explanation we can offer is because it was raining ever so lightly in Ottawa. Bizarre phenomenon that but 'twas ever thus!
But I digress.
Of the three biopsies that had been done on John, one was precancerous (it was frozen off yesterday); one is basal cell carcinoma and will be scraped off at a later date; the third is squamous cell carcinoma and will be removed by way of MOHS surgery (subsequent to the MOHS surgery which he already has to undergo).  Two more biopsies were taken, the results of which will be known when he returns on October 12th to have the basal cells scraped.
Then we moved on to my results (the biopsy taken on my nose).
It is basal cell carcinoma and while scraping is an option, she recommended MOHS surgery.  That way she could be sure to get all of it and not risk it coming back at some later date and taking more of my nose with it.
Somone from the hospital will be in touch about the date of the surgery.
I don't know about you, but it seems to me that my life of late revolves around waiting for a call from one medical professional or another about one procedure or another.
Now I'm in the queue for:  hip replacement surgery; a sleeping EEG; and MOHS surgery on my nose.
And before the end of this year, I'll also be having my quarterly visit to my dentist; my annual hearing test;  my biennial mammogram; my quarterly ear-vacuuming visit with my ENT specialist; and my all-too-frequent check-in with my eye doctor.
Gosh, getting old is fun, isn't it?

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