Thursday, March 1, 2012

MMMMM, I love Thursdays!

I do.  I really love this day of the week.
Because today is the day my massage therapist comes to my home.
And I love the fact that she comes to me, rather than I have to go to her.
It means that I can loll about the house all morning in my jammies, not showering until around the 11:30am mark.
She arrives promptly at 1:00pm to do her magic.
We lock ourselves in my sanctuary for the duration and it's just wonderful, let me tell you.
This arrangement all came about quite some time ago when she and her husband, who is her partner in the clinic, made changes to the building that houses their clinic.
The clinic is in an old Victorian style home that they used to live in, operating the clinic out of one half of the building.  Their family grew too large for that arrangement so they bought a different home but kept the clinic as it was.  Then they renovated to rent out half the building to help with the economics of the new arrangement.
The renovations involved essentially splitting the house into two sides, leaving the clinic side with no downstairs washroom (obviously, the washroom went to the tenant).
Therein lay the problem.
While I could have my massage on the main floor, I need to go the washroom both before and immediately after my treatment (that "thimble" of a bladder, you know!).  And I simply couldn't manage the long, steep staircase up to the level that houses the treatment rooms and the washroom.
She offered to come to my home.  (There is a plan to put a washroom in on the main floor but it is unclear as to when that might happen.)
Of course, since my surgery I surely can't manage those stairs yet.
So she continues to come to my home.
I'm thinking I might never be able to manage those stairs!

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