Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day

It's Leap Day -- the day that occurs once every four years.
Every time this day rolls around, I'm reminded of my twin cousins who were born on this date back in 1956.
They were quite the celebrities when they were young, often photographed by the local newspaper along with whoever was the eldest living Leap Baby in the region.
Now, as they celebrate their 14th birthday, the joke material is endless of course.  They both have wives and families (now adult children).  They're grandfathers, for heavens sakes.
Yet, they need only wait sixteen more years to become officially old enough to drink. (They will actually have been on this earth for 74 years by then!)
But, on a brighter note, in only eight more years they can get their drivers' licences.
Go figure!
Anyway, happy birthday, L and L!

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