Friday, March 16, 2012

It had to happen ...

Just when things were going tickety-boo.
I had even implemented extra caution to ensure that I don't stress my muscles unnecessarily. 
And then it happens.
Yesterday, as I was getting ready to take my shower before my massage therapist arrived, I kind of had an accident.
Fortunately, I didn't hurt/harm my hip.
But I sure as hell hurt my ankle.
On my left foot no less.
As I said, I was getting ready for my shower.
I walked into the washroom and balanced the cane against the wall.
Then I balanced me against the wall whilst I took my slippers off.
And as I took the slipper off my right foot, somehow my left foot went out from under me.
And down I went.
I simply crumbled.
But I must have twisted my ankle in good fashion because WOW, is it sore.
Of course, I was alone in the house at the time.
My first thought was, "Oh oh, I wonder if I'll be able to get up on my own."  But I was able to get up, the most difficult part of the exercise being the pressure on my left foot.
My next thought was, "Thank God I didn't land hard on my hip!"  (I had put my hand out to cushion the fall and I'm paying the price today with a sore wrist!)
I sat and rubbed my ankle for a bit and then I proceeded with my shower. (I was using the transfer bench because I wanted to shave my legs -- an operation I can't yet do standing up).
By the time I got out of the shower, the swelling was obvious.  But there was no discolouration.  Just a whole lot of pain, especially when I tried to walk.
When John came home, I told him we had a bit of a problem and explained what had happened.
Now what do we do?  Do we go to the hospital emergency and have it x-rayed?  Or do we wait and watch?
I didn't want to forego my massage so we were waiting until after my therapist had come and gone in any event.
My massage therapist assessed it (she has years of experience with this type of injury) as, worse case scenario, torn ligaments.  Her main concern was about my stability in the days ahead as my ankle heals.  We iced it while she worked on my back and she kept close watch on it.
By the end of my massage, there was minimal discolouration but nothing that would suggest serious injury.  Which is not to say that it won't hurt!  We decided it didn't warrant a trip to emergency unless the swelling and/or discolouration became extreme.  We would wait and watch.
It should probably be wrapped to provide extra support, but we don't have a tensor bandage.
Today, it is still sore (as I'm sure it will be for a while yet) and I'm being extra careful as I walk about the house.
And just for good measure, I'm limiting my walking -- only doing what absolutely has to be done.

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