Monday, March 26, 2012

My big foray ...

Today, I will venture into the big city for my first serious outing since my surgery.
I have physio at 1:00pm here in town, after which I will drive to Ottawa to pick up my little chickadee.
We will go to my hairdresser's place for a 2:45pm appointment, and then we'll stop at my car dealer's to have my snow tires removed (both within blocks of MLC's home).
Then we'll go back to MLC's place and I will resume my resting status.
When my striking young man arrives home from school, the playing will start (I love collecting hugs and teasing him).
Not sure what we're doing about dinner this evening but I'm certain MSYM will have plans.
I do know that MLC and I are going to watch Sarah's Key -- she told me last evening that she picked up the DVD so I'm quite looking forward to that.  The book was fabulous!
Tomorrow morning, I'll take MSYM for breakfast before delivering him to his before-school daycare.  Then I'll head off to an 8:00am doctor's appointment.  After that, it's breakfast with my good friend, RLR (that has become a ritual for us).
Some time around 10:30am or so I'll head home.
To resume normal programming.

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