Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's official, I'm being "dumped"

Yes I am.
I saw my physiotherapist this morning.
She's "dumping" me.
There's not really much more she can offer me.
So she will see me once next week.
Then two weeks after that.
Then a month after that.
At which time she will officially "discharge" me.
In the interim, I will continue doing my exercises to strengthen my muscles.
And I will continue taking my cane with me when I go out so that I have the extra support when I get fatigued (which still happens quickly).
The only other thing I have to do is avoid falling.  She checked my ankle and determined that I tore the ligaments and it will be sore for a while.  But I should just keep doing what I've been doing:  use it as much as I can.  Eventually, it won't hurt any more.
So there you have it.
Seven weeks post op and she's declared me beyond needing her assistance.
Fine by me.  I like having free days.

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