Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oooops, Perhaps not so free

OK, I'm really not ready for prime time yet.
Yesterday, I had an excellent session with the physiotherapist -- impressed the heck out of her.
But before I even arrived at the clinic, I had to stop in at the laboratory to have some bloodwork done.  The lab had recently moved but I didn't know that.  Hence, I parked in the usual place, walked towards the normal location and noticed that the lab didn't appear to be there.
Then I noticed the sign directing people to what I guessed was the new location.
Back to the car.
I drove around to the new site and parked the car again.  (Remember, each motion of getting in and out of the car is a lot of work for me.)
The lab is now located in one of these new fangled "catch all" health centres.  A gazilion doctors, various health care professionals, all housed in one location.  One stop health care!
But of course, the lab is located in the furthermost corner of the building.
I walked and walked and walked ...
It was interesting to hear the comments of almost everyone who arrived in the waiting room.  "This could be a real problem for a lot of people who can't walk this far ...".  Ain't THAT the truth!
Once my blood was taken (three vials), I had to walk, and walk, and walk again to get back to my car (and I was now ten minutes late for my physio session).
I again got in the car, drove around the corner to the clinic, parked the car, extricated my body from the vehicle once again, and finally arrived for my physio session.  (By now, I was fairly well energy depleted.)
Then, to add insult to injury, my physiotherapist had me do several of the exercises very many times more than usual (we were yakking).
And to make matters worse still, when the session was over, rather than going directly home, I decided to make a pit stop at the grocery store.
The grocery store of all places!  Our local grocery store just happens to be one of these "super stores" where it doesn't matter how few items you might want to pick up, you walk forever by the time you get to a cash.
Now, I wasn't aware at the time that I was overdoing things.
I felt perfectly fine.
At the time.
The trouble hit last evening.
Sitting became impossible.
My hips and SI joints started screaming at me.
Then my left leg muscles got into the act.
I took a painkiller on the way to bed because I couldn't bear it any longer.
There was no way I could sleep on my side last night.
So I spent the night on my back, acutely aware all night long of the throbbing in my leg.
Today, I am very tired.
Fortunately, it is massage day so my therapist will come and whip me back into shape.
But, lesson learned I can assure you.

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