Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Five weeks post-op!

Can you believe it?
Five weeks already!
I saw the physiotherapist yesterday and she is beyond delighted with my progress.
She is amazed that I am doing as well as I am.  She said that she had been quite sure that I would be "behind" in rehabbing because of the fibro.
I thought that too.  My doctor had warned me to expect a significant delay.
But it seems that although I've suffered some setbacks due to fibro flare-ups, I've bounced right back and made up for lost time.
So while the plan had been to wean me from the walker to the cane starting this week, I have been moved from the walker to the cane.
Just like that!
My therapist said there's no point delaying it -- I'm walking just fine with the aid of the cane.
Woo hoo!  What freedom!
She made me promise to continue using the walker in the evening when I'm tired just for the safety aspect.  And I must use it during the night if I get up to go to the washroom (again for safety's sake).  Makes sense to me.
I'm also to still use the walker outdoors and for long distances.  Fatigue continues to be an issue for me so she wants me to have the extra support when I get tired.
But oh the joy of walking about the house just using the cane.
And I always hated using my cane.  All those years before the surgery I would reject the cane at every opportunity.  Now, I'm delighted to be using it.
My how things change in a short period of time!

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