Thursday, March 8, 2012

All restrictions have been lifted

I saw my surgeon yesterday for the first follow-up since my surgery.
It was a long, albeit rewarding, day in the big city.
First, we met some good friends for lunch (may as well make the trip count!).
Then we headed off to my 1:30pm appointment and we arrived precisely on time.
"Just have a seat," the lovely clerk told me.  "It won't be long."
It wasn't long either.  At 1:45pm my name was called.  They needed X-rays so I would have to go down to the X-ray department and when I returned, I should check in again to let them know I was back.
Off we go down to X-ray where I'm told it will only be a 40 minute wait!
Fortunately, it was just 20 minutes later that my name was called.  And a mere five minutes after that I was on my way back to check in again at the original station.
"You've had your X-rays?" the clerk asks.  "OK, just have a seat and we'll call you in a few minutes."
And it was only a few minutes later that I was directed to the examination room to wait for the doctor.
My x-rays were up on the computer and oh it was neat to see my new hip on display.  What a sight to behold!
The doctor came in and asked how I was doing.
"Fine, actually remarkably well, according to my physiotherapist,"  I replied.  "Oh, and I have a love note for you from her," as I handed him the progress note my physiotherapist had given me for him.
He reviewed the document, made some notations on it, and handed it to me to take back to her.
He looked at the x-rays and announced that everything looks really good.  Did I have any questions?
"Yes," I said, "When can I start driving again?"
"You can drive any time now," he said, "assuming you could drive before."  The whole world's a stage!
We had a chuckle at his comedic skills.  Then I asked about when I could start lying flat on my tummy (I want to resume my acupuncture sessions) and when I could start sleeping on my left side.  "You can do that now,"  he said.  "All those restrictions are gone now.  You're good to go."
He wants to see me again in eight weeks and he will again want x-rays.  I asked for and received a requisition to have the x-rays done locally before that appointment.  I really don't want to go through the tedium of having to wait around for x-rays to be done at the hospital again.  That's just silliness!
But the important point is, I can sleep on my left side, finally!
That is exactly what I did last night -- and I had such a wonderful sleep.  OK, I'm up in the middle of the night. But when you go to sleep before 9:00pm, what can you expect?  I'll nap later this morning and get back on track, maybe!
And tonight, and every night after, I'll go to sleep on my left side again -- without pain!

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