Sunday, March 18, 2012


OK, I know this is still just Spring Training but ...
Today, I get to watch my boys on television.
I do, I do!
I'm sooooooo excited.
It will be my first glimpse of this year's team.
Thus far, I've had to settle for listening to the games on the radio (or following them on the internet with periodic score updates).
But today, this will be the real McCoy!!!!!!!
I've already called my satellite provider and turned on the HD Sports package for the season.
My boys have been doing an outstanding job during pre-season play.
Yesterday, they had a 12 - 2 record.
Then they dropped both games they played yesterday (it was a split squad and neither one managed to squeak out a win).
So now, after a ten game winning streak, they have a 12 - 4 record.
They had been in first place with their 12-2 record, but now they've dropped to being tied for second place.
Which still isn't too shabby.
If this were April, it would be an amazing record.
Too bad Spring Training games don't count on the season.
There's only a couple of weeks left of Spring Training, so not much chance for TV coverage (today's is the only game this week being broadcast).
So we'll have a peek today and then might have to wait for opening day on April 5th to see them again.
In the meantime,

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