Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What's she to do with me?

That's essentially what my physiotherapist asked this morning.
Patients are released from therapy when they can walk without the cane (which I can now do).
However, they simply do NOT discharge patients at six weeks post op (which is what I am).
So, in order to keep me in therapy longer, she is making new "goals" for me.
Because she hasn't put me through all the paces yet.  She hasn't taught me all the exercises that form part of the strengthening program to get the patient to the point where I have already reached.
The new goals?
She will discharge me when I complete the program (which is usually at the twelve week mark).  When I can walk without the cane without showing any sign of favouring one side or the other.  (That might prove tricky for me since my right hip is already showing evidence of the stress of carrying the extra workload as the left hip heals.)
She wants to try to get me to a place where I can walk without stressing my right hip.  She understands my desire to hopefully delay the need for surgery on my right hip as long as I can.  Right now, my right hip is objecting to some of the exercises that are required of the left hip.
Easy is as easy does.
This is a situation where I need to NOT do something "just because I can."
Time to back off and use the cane, whether I need it or not.
For just a few more weeks.
In the interest of the better good.
Short term pain for longer term gain.

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