Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Is it really only seven weeks?

This is unbelievable.
Just seven weeks since my surgery and I can walk without a cane, almost like a normal person (I'll get there!).
I didn't see the physiotherapist yesterday so I don't have her take on my status.  But I will see her tomorrow and I'm sure she will be hard-pressed to justify my continuing seeing her twice a week.
This morning, I took a shower just like a normal person, without using the tub transfer bench.  It was heaven!  And while in the shower, I tested to see if I would be able to manage shaving my legs without using the bench -- and it worked just fine.  So I think it's safe to dispense with the bench.
All that's left now is the raised toilet seat.  I'm fairly certain I can remove that now too.  I had actually removed it last week and found out that it was too soon.  But it might not be too soon now.  I seem to be able to get up from most chairs without too much trouble now.
Once I remove the raised seat from the toilet, I will have dispensed with all the aids that I had to buy for my rehabilitation.
Of course, I will have to take the cane when I go out simply because I need it for safety's sake.  Once fatigue hits I need the extra support (and fatigue hits quickly with a lot of walking).
On Sunday, the pain coming from my SI joint was indescribable. My sleep that night was especially disturbed because of the discomfort.
So I spent yesterday with the TENs machine treating my SI joint.  All day long.
The TENs treatment seems to have done the trick because I slept very well last night and today there is no pain coming from that joint.  Which is a good thing because today we have to go into the city to see our dermatologist.  This is her last day of work before she goes on maternity leave (she is due to give birth on April 2nd).
The appointment is actually John's but I'm anxious to speak to her about my scheduled MOHs surgery on April 11th (her replacement will be doing my procedure).  She will be interested to see how well I'm doing since my hip replacement too.
Seven weeks, you say?

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