Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I am a free woman!
The physiotherapist was most impressed with my progress.
She always asks me how I'm doing, of course. And as we were approaching the treatment bed, she was watching me walk with the cane.  I put the cane down and sat on the bed as I whispered to her, "If you must know, the cane is slowing me down."  And she didn't even laugh at me!
She chose to test my walking first.  We went to the bars and she told me to walk the length so she could watch me.  I asked if I should do it with or without holding the bars.  She said, "Let me see you do it without assistance."  I walked the length and she was in awe.  She really could not believe the ease with which I was able to walk.
She declared that I obviously didn't need the cane for most day-to-day purposes in my home, but would still need it if I ventured out.  I should just use my judgement.  And she shook her head in amazement.
She kept exclaiming in surprise at the speed with which I've reached this point in recovery.  My fibro hasn't slowed me down one iota, in spite of the mini-flare-ups I experienced.
She also mentioned that they see many hip replacement patients in their clinic, most who have had the lateral or posterior approach surgery.  Only a few have had the anterior approach as I had.  And she doesn't understand why everyone doesn't have the anterior approach because the recovery is so much faster with it!
I explained to her all the research I had done before having my surgery and that I had sought out a surgeon who would use the anterior approach because of my fibro.  (I also waited much longer to have my surgery because of that choice.)  The very fact that my muscles would be moved rather than cut was the selling point for me.  While moving the muscles is an assault, it's not as severe an assault as cutting the muscles.  It stands to reason therefore that the recovery would be faster.  Obviously, I made the right choice for me.
But, there are only two surgeons in Ottawa who use the anterior approach, so until more surgeons are trained in it... .
Anyway, we continued with my session and she was just amazed at my ability to move my hip without pain.  We talked about the obvious benefit I am reaping from all the work I did with the stationary bike before my surgery.  I was ready and now my muscles are thanking me (not to mention what I'm doing).
She also remarked that it is now abundantly clear that what was going on with my hip had nothing to do with fibro (a point I had been making with my doctors for nigh onto ten years).
This is the week I start seeing her twice weekly so I have to go back tomorrow morning.
As I left yesterday, I said to her, "See you on Wednesday, so you can tell me again how well I'm doing and send me on my way."  She nodded her head in knowing agreement.


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