Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gonna be a looooong day ...

Yes, this will be a long (but fun) day.
I have physio today (which I need, badly).
Then I'm meeting two very good friends for lunch and to pass the afternoon until I pick up my little chickadee at her work.
From there, I'm guessing that we'll go pick up my beautiful boy at his daycare.
Then we go to my hair appointment (time to get beautiful again).
And then we all go for supper.  My beautiful boy has chosen Wendy's for this outing; his mom has instructed me on what I can do to be his "hero," a role I'm always willing to play.
We will spend the evening packing my car for their upcoming camping trip (I "rent" them my vehicle which is larger than theirs, so it's better able to accommodate all their "stuff").
My rental fee is "hugs and kisses" -- they like my rates a lot.
Tomorrow morning, my little chickadee will take me to my doctor's appointment (I can't drive her car, it's a standard transmission).
When we get back from there, we will all go out for breakfast before heading back to my place with both vehicles (theirs and mine).
They will leave their car parked at my place whilst they take my car camping (leaving me "wheel-less" for the duration, but I'm fairly certain that if I need to go anywhere, my husband will take me if I ask).
On Monday (August 2nd), they'll return my car to me, and take their car for the balance of their return trip home.
BUT, they will leave most of their paraphernalia in my vehicle because it won't fit in theirs.
And when I go into the big city on Wednesday (August 4th) for my next physio appointment, I will go to their place to unload the car of their effects.
Complicated isnt' it?
Oh, what one won't do for those one loves.

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