Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I walked this morning ...

I did indeed -- I walked 16 minutes too.
And that damned hill is going to do me in yet!
This time, my heart rate was only 110 and I was dragging bottom (again, John offered a hand to pull me up but I insisted I was going to get there on my own steam).
This is craziness!
Why is it getting more difficult with each outing, rather than easier?
I just don't understand.
Seems to me it should be getting easier each time.
This morning, I wore my TENs machine, followed by my compression shorts, plus my back brace -- and still I couldn't do it without great difficulty.
What else do I have to do?
John has suggested that we avoid the hill altogether; that we head out in the other direction where there is no hill to contend with, mostly flat surface.
And I guess that's not a bad idea, in the scheme of things.
There are slight inclines along the way but nothing like the hill that we've been facing each morning.
So I guess on Friday (which is the next day I'll be able to walk), we'll go the "boring route" and see if I can pick up my pace at all.
Because walking at the pace I've been going lately can't possibly be a "work out" of any kind: witness the fact that I'm not losing any weight (in fact, my weight continues to climb!).
I see my doctor on Thursday morning and will discuss the matter of my lungs with him; perhaps we need to address my asthma a little more vigourously than we have been.  Maybe that's all that's wrong right now; this heat wave that we've been "enjoying" has really taken a toll on me, and my lungs seem to be in a constant state of aggravation.
Oh the joys ...

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