Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Still Struggling ...

I went out for my walk again this morning, in spite of not feeling like doing it.
When I woke today, (up before 5:00am for the day), I was feeling kind of blah -- having wakened every two hours all night long again in spite of having used a sleep aid (seems there's no point taking the damned stuff!).
But I went for my walk anyway.
And again, that hill was a horrid challenge -- my legs didn't want to propel me up the incline.  By the time I got to the "top of the hill," I was truly out of breath and struggling to continue moving.  My heart rate was up to 120 and I was having trouble breathing!
Obviously, I have a ways to go in my conditioning efforts.
My eight minute mark today took me only a few paces past the point I made it to yesterday.  I guess that means I'm doing not too badly, in the scheme of things.
The trek home did not seem to be quite the challenge it was yesterday but I was working hard nevertheless.
And in spite of these walks, my weight continues to move in the wrong direction!
It's all so discouraging and confusing.
Since mid-June, my weight has been creeping upward ever so slightly (it "ballooned" when I took that alternate medication briefly).  But I can't seem to get it to head back down to my "ideal" weight.
And to think that just six weeks ago, I was struggling to prevent further weight loss!

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