Friday, July 9, 2010

The Fun starts Again

What fun you ask?
That would be the fun of waking every two hours, all night long.
It's been happening again for several nights now.
Not really fun either.
In fact, it's as annoying as all get-out.
And it makes for a very long night, indeed.
Of course, last night I didn't take that new sleeping med the doctor had given me so that didn't help matters much.
But in this heat, I just don't want to be so groggy that I'm not able to deal with a crisis (asthma attack) should it occur again.  Better to be safe than sorry, I think.
Yesterday, I managed a one-hour nap in the middle of the day (actually, I passed out on the sofa -- I think more from heat prostration than anything else). 
Sure hope I'll be able to do the same today because otherwise this day is going to be waaaay too long.
But at least it looks like we're getting a bit of a break in the weather over the next few days -- supposed to be getting some thunderstorms (hasn't happened yet!) and the temperature is expected to go all the way down to 28 and 29!
Woohoo -- relief is on the way!
My back also decided to go out yesterday (without permission, too!).  Went into a major spasm, from what I don't know, and was causing me terrific discomfort.  A couple of Robaxicet didn't seem to give the immediate relief that is advertised (I sure wasn't doing any kind of jig within minutes of taking it!).
It does feel much better this morning though (not 100%, but better).
So I do plan to go for my walk this morning -- 18 minutes this time.
Not sure how far I'll get with my back being so tenuous but I'll make the effort anyway.
Later -- gotta go and try to cool off.

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