Saturday, July 17, 2010

No walk today

I've decided on a walking schedule ... sort of.
Two days on, one day off, three days on, one day off (with the occasional four days on, one day off).
My physiotherapist had suggested that I might need to take a day off every other day so in my usual manner, I took her advice and altered it.  (I really don't think a day off every other day is necessary.)
Anyway, let me explain how this new plan came about.
The only reason I didn't walk today is because it's Saturday and the newspaper is rather large on Saturday -- it takes me a lot longer to read it than on other days.  By the time I finished reading this morning's paper, it was 7:30am -- much too late to head out (I prefer to walk between 6:30am and 7:00am before it gets too hot out).
Since I didn't walk today but had walked yesterday and the day before, that means I have walked two days and taken one off. 
I will walk tomorrow and Monday but won't be able to manage it on Tuesday (that's physio day and I have to drive into the big city -- and this time I have to leave home quite early so I'm thinking I shouldn't also be expending myself with the walk on that day).  That makes another two days on, one day off.
So, by default, that becomes a walking schedule.
But I think I want Saturday to always be a day off because the newspaper is always big on that day so I'm always going to be delayed starting my days on Saturdays -- may as well state right from the get-go that that will be an "off" day, always.
In order to accommodate the "Saturday always off" cycle, I will have to walk three days somewhere, every week.  This week, it will be Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings -- three days on, followed by one day off.
And the following week, I will actually have to do a four on, one off cycle because my calendar is a tad skewed that week.
I guess my schedule will change from week to week, with the only constant being Saturdays -- I will not walk on a Saturday.
So perhaps I should simply declare that I will always walk five times a week -- I just can't say definitively which days that might be, but it will be on Sundays to Fridays only.
Most weeks, Tuesday will be the day I don't walk because that is usually my physio day and I really don't think I should walk on the day I'm driving into the big city.  The return trip still takes quite a toll on me.  That means I will normally walk on Sunday and Monday, take Tuesday off, then walk on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, take Saturday off -- establishing a two on, one off, three on, one off schedule.
Sounds like a plan to me!

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