Friday, July 2, 2010

My Newest Treatment Plan

OK, so here's the plan now.
I will walk every day, to condition my legs to the new demands.
Yesterday, my legs were quite sore from having walked the ten minutes the day before.
But I persevered.
And off I went.
My physiotherapist told me that I could add two minutes each day but I decided to err on the side of caution and I just stayed with the ten minutes (and that was an effort).
When I got back, I applied liniment to my calves and I rested for a while.
But I was remarkably active for the rest of the day -- up and down the stairs repeatedly with little effort (without using the stair lift!).
And this morning?
My legs are not more sore than they had been from the earlier walking.
So I guess they're learning.
The cramps are lessening too -- not completely gone but they're also not debilitating and they're not waking me and throwing me out of bed in the middle of the night either.
That must mean we're making progress on the conditioning front.
Today, I'll add the two minutes that my physiotherapist recommended.
And we'll see if there's a bump in pain as a result of that.
As long as I go slowly, as she advised, I should be able to conquer this and eventually I'll get up to twenty minutes (she had made it quite clear that I will probably not be able to exceed that limit).
But oh how far I've come!
Two weeks ago, I couldn't have walked two minutes!  Obviously, that steroid injection is paying off in spades!

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