Sunday, August 1, 2010

I guess I should update ...

I know, I know, I've been remiss.
Here's what's been happening since my last post.
On Thursday, I saw my doctor and he agreed that I was right to have stopped the sleeping med he gave me, given the depression I went into.  His comment was, "You're obviously sensitive to benzodiazepines so we'll stay away from them.  But there is another I can give you that won't have that effect.  You don't want to stay on the one you're using, because it causes weight gain."
Bedoing! That's what the problem is!  No wonder I can't get my weight down.  Not taking that any more.
So I left his office with yet another prescription for yet another sleeping med, one that won't induce depression and one that won't cause weight gain.
We shall see.
From there, my little chickadee and my beautiful boy and I went back to their place to finish loading the car for their holiday.  Then we headed out to the restaurant for breakfast, where we were meeting Pauple (he had gone to visit his Mom while we went to my doctor's).
Pauple was late, so we had to wait for him (and we were oh so hungry ...).
Once breakfast was behind us, we piled into our respective vehicles and headed to my home, where they said their quick hellos and good-byes to John and went on their way (leaving me wheel-less in Mississippi Mills since I can't drive their vehicle which sits in our laneway ...).
I basically vegged for the rest of the day (which is essentially what I always do when I get back from the big city).
On Friday, I woke feeling extremely groggy.  The new sleeping med had kept me asleep almost right through the night (I only woke once) so I should have been quite rested.
But I was dopey, all day.
Just couldn't get going, no matter what I tried.
So, I did nothing but wish I was back in bed, asleep.
I slept very well again on Friday night, only waking one time. And when I woke on Saturday morning, I felt very well rested -- much better than I had the day before, not at all dopey or groggy.
I guess I just needed time to adjust to the new med.
Now, because I hadn't done anything for each of the two previous days, I had work to do around here and I had personal stuff to take care of (hence I couldn't take the time to 'blog').
By last evening, I was all caught up but feeling guilty about not having walked for several days.
So I convinced John that we should go for a walk after dinner.
Not a good idea!
We were both tired and simply didn't have enough gas to really do the walk justice.
But we persevered and made it for thirteen minutes, rather than the targeted sixteen minutes.
Better than nothing, I know, but it really was difficult.
We took the flatter, boring route, so as to avoid that awful hill.  My physiotherapist explained that I shouldn't be tackling that hill at all, especially since it is so close to the beginning of the walk.  There is no time to "warm up" if I'm asking my body to face the most challenging part of the route at the beginning -- and then I'm spending the rest of the outing in recovery mode.  She is oh so wise!
Turns out that the other direction has a challenging hill too, but it just happens to be at the eight minute mark.  That's when I turn around to come back.  Eventually, if I ever get past the sixteen minute walk (or as my pace increases), I might be able to tackle that hill because I should be warmed up enough by the time I get to it.  Time will tell.
Last night, I didn't sleep very well at all.
Woke up way too many times, and had great difficulty getting back to sleep each time.
John said I did a lot of snoring while I wasn't sleeping, but I know that I saw way too many hours on that clock.
In any event, I again don't feel groggy or dopey so I guess I slept enough to wear off the effects of the sleeping med.
And I certainly have energy to spare.
And my mood remains good.
We went for a walk this morning, and I made it eight minutes out this time, but it took me an extra half minute to get back (my legs really start dragging bottom on the return portion of these outings).
My Angel is coming for a visit with her husband this afternoon and we'll have an early dinner so they can be on their way home early (we're old, we don't like late evenings).  Her husband has bugs that John wants to photograph, so he brings them here and I get to visit with my Angel.  That's a win, win, I say.
I've already got tomorrow's dinner under way for my little chickadee and her crew (when they return my car, they even get fed -- how's that for a deal?)
So there you have it -- now you're up to date.
Later, gotta go take care of some more personal tasks.
Company will be arriving very soon

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