Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wanna see my incision?

OK, all you queasy readers out there, if you don't like seeing surgical sites, I suggest you read no further and close this page now.
On Monday, I'll go to John's doctor to have my staples removed.  She graciously agreed to do the deed to save my having to make the trip into Ottawa to have either the surgeon or my own family doctor remove them.
The hospital gave me the staple remover instrument and some steri-strips which I guess are to be applied over the incision after the staples have been removed.  I would have thought that all family doctors would have the instruments for removing surgical staples.  Apparently that is not the case, so every patient is given a remover on discharge from hospital.

There are only twenty-five staples to be taken out.
Bonnie's Incision - 10 days post-op
I'm assured that it doesn't hurt to have these suckers removed but I'm not so sure I'm convinced.
I guess I'll find out on Monday if people have been feeding me a line.

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