Thursday, February 9, 2012

I continue to improve

With each day, I see marked improvement.
Getting into and out of bed is easier each time I do it.
This morning, I woke feeling less stiff than I have been.
The swelling in my leg is reducing nicely (although not nearly fast enough to suit me).
And I'm guessing that having had this left hip done will in fact prove to delay the need for having the right hip done.
On what do I base that expectation?  Already, the ever-present inflammation in my right hip is gone.  Not just reduced.  Gone!
The physiotherapist yesterday had me walk between the parallel bars so she could judge my gait.  She said that I am walking perfectly normally.
I haven't walked with a normal gait in well over ten years.  Here I am, ten days after surgery, and already I'm seeing the benefits.
And that perennial pain that I had in my hip joint?
The new hip causes me no discomfort whatsoever.
Yes, there is pain associated with the surgical site.  But even that lessens with each day.  And we know that eventually, it will be completed healed.
So as long as I follow instructions and don't do anything to violate the rules of movement (and I only have three restrictions), I should be good to go in no time.
Well, OK, in six weeks.
Well, in another four weeks and a few days (since it's already been ten days).
Am I anxious for recovery to be over?
You bet I am.
I truly don't make a very good patient when I'm not sick!

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