Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I am progressing well

I saw my physiotherapist again this morning.
She continues to be impressed with my progress.
I had a few questions for her.
Before the surgery, several people had told me that during recovery, I must be content with doing only what my physiotherapist told me to do ... nothing more.  The only thing she told me to do was my set of exercises at least twice a day.  So, my question was, what the hell am I supposed to be doing with the rest of my day.
She laughed because she understood exactly where I was going with the question.  And the answer was:  I should do exactly as I am doing.  Move about the house to whatever extent I could comfortably, and when I was tired, I should rest.  Obviously, I should not be a couch potato because that causes muscle atrophy but at the same time I can't overdo it because that will cause damage.  Bottom line is:  listen to your body.
She assured me that based on my progress, I was doing an excellent job of listening to my body.  But it's been her experience that most fibromyalgia sufferers are very good at that.
My other question concerned the amount of pain I'm having in my left leg, pain that seems to be increasing as the swelling is subsiding (at least that's the way my brain is perceiving it).  She, just as the Doctor had assessed on Monday, checked my leg for the amount of swelling and felt that the pain is a localized fibro flare-up.  That leg was "attacked" and has to heal from the assault. 
She was some impressed as I went through the exercises and she saw how far I can flex my leg (and then even more impressed when she saw how well I can extend my leg flat).
Of course, I have nothing with which to compare this progress so I have to accept that I am doing well.  Her reactions seem to be truly genuine.
My next question I knew what the answer would be before I asked:  "When could I start on my stationary bike again?"  The answer:  "Not for quite some time," which was just as I expected.
But I had to ask!
She added two new exercises (both are done while standing) and told me to keep up the good work.
I see her again next Monday.  We'll see if my progress continues to amaze her.

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