Monday, February 13, 2012

Staples are gone

The staples were removed this morning.  And it didn't hurt.  There was a bit of a pinch with some of them, not unlike the pinch of having stitches removed.  But for the most part, it didn't hurt.
The doctor said, of the incision, "Beautiful!"  And once all the staples were removed, she again commented on the nice work by the surgeon.  I guess it's nice work!  (She's not the first to have made such comments.)
I've noticed that with each day as the swelling subsides (it's not completely gone yet), the pain in my leg increases.  My leg just feels like it's one big bruise.
When I mentioned the swelling/pain, the doctor checked my leg and agreed that there is still some swelling.  Then she poked around to see where the pain was (it was everywhere she touched, of course).  She declared the pain to be more from fibro than anything else.
Fibromyalgia -- the pain that just keeps on giving!

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