Monday, February 20, 2012

Bed rest does help

Turns out that bed rest really does help -- when fibro is the problem.
I've been keeping a low profile for the past couple of days, not out of choice but out of need.  I simply had to stay down because I couldn't be up (and it was a major challenge to do my exercises even once).
Today, I'm much better for having taken those days of extra rest.
Fibro is funny that way.  If you don't listen to its subtle hints, it jumps up and hits you in the face, forcing you to pay attention.
I continue to wake frequently throughout the night, acutely aware of the need to move but unable to do so.  I have to sleep on my back and when I waken, my lower back is aching and my legs are numb and I hate the sensation.
It's not like I can turn to one side or the other yet either.
I can't sleep on my left side because that's the new hip side and it's still too soon.
And I can't sleep on my right side because I have to ensure that my left leg stays aligned with the centre of my body (tricky business that, if you go to sleep on your side ...)
I know that this too will end, eventually.  In the interim, I'm becoming seriously sleep deprived.
That doesn't help much with my ability to tolerate the pain.
But I now know that the pain I was having in my left calf was in fact due to fibro.  How do I know?  Because today that pain is in my right ankle.
That's the beauty of fibro -- a new location every day.  Just to keep life interesting.
Obviously, this damned fibro will delay my recovery because I have to go so much slower than most people.
But recover I will.
When is the unknown.

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