Friday, February 24, 2012

Improvement continues

I know that I'm improving because each night's sleep gets better.
Last night, my dreams were filled with long walks in the streets of down town Ottawa.  I was plunged back to the neighbourhood where I used to live more than 35 years ago, but the situations were in the setting of 25 years ago (ie my little chickadee was in my life as an 11 year old).
I would go out for these long walks, which is something I used to do often before my hips got bad.
But then I'd wake up, with hips burning in pain, a reminder that I can't do that kind of walking -- yet!
It was weird, to say the least.
And even weirder still was, I kept going back to sleep and going out for yet another walk!
Then I'd wake up with the same burning hip pain!
I take from these dreams that I am very much looking forward to being able to go for long walks again -- but without the consequence of burning hips for having had the pleasure.
Sure hope the dreams aren't telling me that I won't be able to enjoy long walks even after this recovery period is finished.
Say it ain't so!

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LCD-Ladies with Chronic Diseases said...

Wow...what an awesome outlook you have. Continue dreaming...your dreams will one day come true. God bless and keep fighting the fight!!