Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Four weeks post-op

Here I am, four weeks post-op and my progress continues to amaze my physiotherapist.
She tells me that I am exactly where I'm supposed to be for this point in the recovery phase.  Which surprises her, given the fibromyalgia and all.
She's aware of the set-backs I'm having because of the fatigue issues so she marvels that I'm doing as well as I am.  But I'm clearly demonstrating progress each week.
I had to fess up to a bit of an "accident" last week and we kind of had a good giggle about it, although it could have had much more serious repercussions.
A friend had come over to have me help him with a project and in doing so I went to retrieve a piece of plastic protector sheet for the document.  The protector sheets just happen to be in a box on the floor of the storage closet.  Without even thinking, I crouched down to get it.
Oops!  And I mean big time oops!
I had to have him come and grab me gently by the armpits to lift me up.
He said he wondered what I was doing when I so quickly bent down like that.
Truth is, I forgot that I couldn't do it!
I paid the price on Saturday and Sunday as no amount of icing would relieve the pain in the muscle that I had pulled.
By yesterday, it was still giving me a little trouble but had let up considerably.
My physiotherapist told me I was lucky -- said that I obviously had a very good surgeon who tied everything up very well.  But yes, it would hurt for a while.
In any event, in spite of having done that, she is still pleased with my progress so I guess I didn't do any permanent damage.
We discussed the phenomenon that occurs at this point in recovery:  patient is feeling so much better, more confident, that she believes she can do lots more and she forgets her restrictions.  This is the phase during which serious accidents can occur because the patient feels overly confident.  It's imperative to respect the restrictions until those restrictions are lifted by the physiotherapist! 
Anyway, she tells me that she will probably start weaning me from the walker to the cane between weeks five and six (next week).  She wants to go extra slowly with me because of the fibromyalgia.  If she goes too quickly, we'll just have a set-back and not be able to make any progress at all.  And we don't want that to happen.
I have to agree with her approach.
There is an unexpected benefit to using this damned walker though.  It really does take a lot of work to use a walker.  It's burning the weight off me at a phenomenal rate.  I might be sorry to see it go before I reach my goal weight!

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