Friday, January 20, 2012

What a whirlwind week this has been!

Wow - this has been a crazy week for sure.
Let's start with exactly a week ago today, shall we?
Last Friday, we had a day from hell.  I had to attend my "prehab" session at the hospital in Ottawa.  If I don't show, my date with the surgeon is cancelled.  Now, had I cancelled due to weather conditions, surely they'd have let me reschedule.  But I wasn't taking any chances.
So we headed out of here, allowing sufficient delay time, considering the conditions. I was driving because John was still in his one-eyed Jack stage, having just had the Mohs surgery done two days earlier.
The drive to Ottawa took 75 minutes.  It would normally be a 45 minute drive. Not bad, in the scheme of things.
The information session was entertaining, if nothing else.  I left with an armload of printed material, much of which I already had in my possession, all of which could have been sent to me in the mail.  Oh well, they said I had to be there, and I was.
The drive home took 90 minutes.  It could have been worse I guess.
In any event, we were very glad to get home.
On Monday of this week, I had to go back into the city to have dental work done (he couldn't do it when I had been there the previous week).  And because I also had appointments in the city the following day, I decided to stay overnight at my little chickadee's place.
That meant I was in the big city all afternoon Monday (my dental appointment was at 10:45am) and then I had the whole of the next morning to kill (my first appointment the next day wasn't until 11:30am).
Turned out my little chickadee was off work on Monday so we "hung out."
Now, when we hang out, we do stuff.
We run errands.
Errands involve walking.
If ever I'm in doubt about needing this hip replaced, I only need to spend time with my little chickadee to bring me back to reality.  Because walking will do me in every time, and we didn't even do that much.  I truly think it's pathetic that it takes so little walking to produce so much pain!
Surprisingly though, the discomfort didn't seem to interfere (much) with my sleep that night.
By morning, we were hearing "winter storm warnings" for the Ottawa area so it became questionable as to whether or not I would be going home that day (my appointments would take me until around 2:15pm).
My little chickadee headed off to work and MSYM and I went for breakfast before I dropped him off at his school.  Then I went to visit my good friend, LC, and sat with her and enjoyed a few cups of coffee and an hour or so of chat time before going to my first appointment.
But before hitting that doctor's office, I stopped in at Walmart and picked up a few items from our to-do list.  And after the doctor's office, I went to the grocery store to finish that to-do list.  (Note all the additional walking I'm doing -- silly me!)
Then it was time for my physio appointment.  And I was ready for it!
At each stop along the way of course, I was monitoring the weather.  By the time I left the physiotherapist's office, it was just starting to "get ugly" in Ottawa.  I decided to chance it and head home.
Only took me the normal 45-50 minutes to get there.
Good decision, I think, because I had been gone long enough by then. (The threatened storm never did hit Ottawa, although it did skirt the valley.)
Would you believe on Wednesday morning, I had to make that trip into Ottawa again?  This time it was John's fault though.  He had to have his stitches taken out.  Again, the weather was ugly.  And we had to be there for 9:15am -- a horrid time of day to head into Ottawa at the best of times.
We left home at 7:45am for that 9:15am appointment.
Made really good time too -- all the way to just past Kanata.
And then we hit the parking lot from hell that is known as Ottawa's Queensway.
We finally parked the car at the Civic Campus of the Ottawa Hospital at 9:40am -- two hours after we left home.  The only saving grace in that scenario was John didn't have to wait to be taken to the treatment room -- they were waiting for him!  We actually got out of the parking lot within the hour -- bonus!!!!!!!
The drive home was uneventful and only took the prescribed 45 minutes (but we stopped at the book store en route so we made the trip longer than it needed to be).
And yesterday was my reward day -- my massage therapist came to me and worked out all those knots that had developed from doing all that extraneous driving.  We talked about how next week would be her last until we know when we could start again after my surgery.  And she actually told me she's going to miss her "Bonnie fix" every week.  Such a sweetheart!
Today is "catch-up" day.
Or, as I'm doing, "trying to catch my breath" day.

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