Friday, January 27, 2012

Three days to go

Well, we're really down to the crunch now.
This is the final stretch and I truly feel like the pressure is on.
Yesterday, my massage therapist arrived bearing gifts.  She brought a casserole for us to have on my return from hospital, to lighten John's load.  And she brought me a bag of my favourite candy to have "under my pillow" so I won't be hungry.  When she left, we had to hug!
And last evening our handy dandy handyman dropped by to wish me well.  He and his wife are heading off for a three week vacation on Monday and he wanted me to know that they'll be thinking of me.
Such thoughtful gestures.
We went yesterday to pick up my walker and the tub transfer bench.  So I now have all the special equipment I'll need for my return from hospital.
I'm officially ready to recover!
Today and tomorrow I'll take things slowly but I do have things to do, mostly laundry.  And I will ensure that I have all the right stuff packed (I've been working on that for a while now).
Sunday morning we're going to head out of here early enough to take in a movie (Warhorse).  Then I'll go get my haircut (yes, my hairdresser agreed to see me at her home on Sunday!) so that I'm beautiful for my date with the surgeon.
We're having a "last supper" gathering with my little chickadee, my striking young man, Pauple, and two good friends (RLR and LC) at a favourite restaurant before settling into a hotel for the night.
Then I'll be "away" for a while.
But not to worry.
I'll be back ... in about three days' time (hence, the "last supper").
Actually, I'll have my iPad with me at hospital and will try to post, but I don't like the formatting options I have with the iPad so any postings I make will be very brief.
I am so looking forward to the pain free results I can expect on the other side of this experience.  I'm just not looking forward to the journey I have to undertake to get there!

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