Thursday, January 19, 2012

Time is closing in on me

Yikes, only eleven more sleeps to go.
And I have soooooo much to do yet.
There's bathroom equipment to buy:

A raised toilet seat with arms.  Obviously this is a must-have.

A tub transfer bench.  This will be critical for me because our tub is very deep.  Even now, before surgery, I have difficulty stepping into it.

There are care aids to buy:

A long handled reacher.  This will prove invaluable for the duration of my rehab time, I'm sure.

A sock aid.  (Not sure about this one.  I'll have John here to put my socks on for me - and once they're on, they can stay there 'til he's around to remove them!)

A long-handled sponge.  (Not sure I'll need this one -- I already have a long handled brush)

A long handled shoe horn.  (Not sure I need this either -- John can put my shoes on for me can't he?  Yet John is looking forward to having one in the house!)

I will need a walking aid too.  It's recommended that I have a two-wheeled walker available to me on my discharge from hospital.

That means it has to be purchased before I go to hospital.  But my insurance covers the cost of a walker and I need a prescription for that.  "No problem," they tell me.  Just let them know when I arrive at the hospital and they'll make sure to get a prescription from the surgeon before my discharge.
Ummmmm.  Do you see what's wrong with that logic?
I need the walker before I go into the hospital.  Therefore I need the prescription NOW!
I've left a message at the surgeon's office, asking that he fax me a prescription for said walker so I can buy it next week.  That way, it will be available to me on my discharge from hospital.
All of the above has considerable cost associated with it.
And only the walker is recoverable by insurance.

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