Sunday, January 22, 2012

Eight more sleeps ...

As my date with the surgeon moves closer, I'm getting increasingly anxious.
My dreams are getting crazier.
I'm waking more frequently.
My AHI is climbing.
I'm feeling less rested.
My overall pain level is increasing.
I'm definitely less relaxed.
Last night I told John that I'm acutely aware of feeling the stress.
And I know that I should spend this next week being careful not to physically wear myself out.
But I also know that I will need to keep busy to keep my mind occupied.  Otherwise, the week will be too long.
When an event is approaching that you're facing with mixed emotions, you don't always want it to get here too quickly -- but you don't necessarily want it to be too drawn out either.  How to strike that balance?
Normally, I'd prefer to be a "whirling dirvish" of activity -- that's how I keep myself occupied.  But I can't do that this coming week -- because I have to take it easy physically.
John suggested that I curl up with books to read.  On the surface, that's not a bad idea.
Ideally, I should spend the days "looking for my dead people."  Nothing passes the time like that hobby!
Trouble with those ideas is they both require long periods of sitting, which I can't do for any significant length of time.
As I think about it, I suppose my week might go fast enough.
Today, I have laundry and a few chores to do around the house.
Tomorrow, we're going into Carleton Place to run a few errands, one of which is to buy/order the medical supplies I will need for my recovery.
Tuesday is my day in the city for physio (my last session with her until probably late March or early April).
Wednesday is our wedding anniversary -- can you believe it, fifteen years already? -- and we're having a quiet celebration that evening at the scene of the crime.
Thursday is my massage at home day (again, my last session with her until perhaps late February, early March).
Friday will be a day to ensure that I have everything in order for my hospital stay, including perhaps going back into Carleton Place to pick up whatever medical supplies had to be ordered on our Monday trip.
Saturday I'll take care of laundry and stuff around here in preparation for being laid up for several weeks.
And Sunday is the day before surgery.
Yikes!  Now I'm really getting anxious.
It's going to be here before I know it!

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