Thursday, January 26, 2012

Four more sleeps ...

I don't know why I'm counting "sleeps" until my date with the surgeon.
Each night gets longer and longer as sleep further eludes me.
We spent a most enjoyable time celebrating our anniversary last evening.  The venue was perfect.  There were only six of us, and the restaurant wasn't very busy -- so we could actually hear the conversation.  It's such a treat to find a public establishment that offers a quiet place to enjoy dinner with friends.
I had been up from the wee hours of the morning so I was dog tired by the time I got to bed (it was well past 10:00pm).  Didn't matter though.  I tossed and turned, and tossed some more.
Couldn't get comfortable.  Sleep just wouldn't come.
After almost two hours, I removed the CPAP mask (blaming it on my inability to find comfort) and still was not asleep an hour after that.
Eventually though, I did drift off because I woke and the clock told me it was 4:00am.
But oh, my dreams had been fitful.  Had it not been for the time on the clock, I'd have sworn I had not yet been asleep!
And of course, as soon as my eyes opened, my mind kicked into gear.
There would be no going back to sleep for me.  There's simply too much to do -- too many niggly things that need my attention.
So, once again, I'm up for the day much too early.
At least there's no shortage of things to do with which to keep myself occupied!

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