Saturday, January 28, 2012

Two more

Well, I guess I'm as prepared as I'm going to be for my date with the surgeon.
There's another load of laundry to do today, but that kind of thing is just run of the mill.
My packing is all but done; just last minute items to include (my check list is compiled).
I didn't meet my weight-loss goal.
Oh well.
I had been making reasonably good progress for a while.
But then Christmas hit.  And I went right back up to where I had started.
I've since lost only three of those pounds again.
Obviously, that's not good enough.
I guess my efforts will resume again after surgery.
Double sigh.
I would have liked to have lost that weight before the surgery.
In a perfect world ...
Today, I'm wearing my wrist brace because my right hand is objecting (big time) to the muscle effort that was required to assemble the tub transfer bench.  "No tool assembly" the package boasts.  Yeh right -- just herculean strength!
Last night my dreams were filled with random discussions with health care professionals about why I wasn't taking any codeine contin for my pain as I get closer to my surgery date.  I don't want to increase the risk of a negative response to the propofol that's going to be administered.  And every time I said that, the health care professional nodded, and said, "wise move."
Hmmmm.  Cause for pause. 
My dreams don't lie to me so I guess I'm on the right track with that.
I'll just stay away from those painkillers.
I'm tough.
I can do it.
What's a few more days of pain when soon I'll be without that pain?  Although I have to take a journey of different pain to get there.
It's that journey that worries me.  I am so not looking forward to that!

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