Monday, January 16, 2012

Long Day Ahead

This is going to be a long day indeed.
I have to be in the big city for a 10:45am dental appointment this morning.  He needs to do some repair work and that's the only time we could find before my surgery, so I had to take it.
But it means staying overnight because tomorrow I have my ENT visit so he can vacuum my ears again and then I have my usual physio session.
That means I'll have all of this afternoon and evening and then all of tomorrow morning to kill in the city.  The ENT appointment is 11:30am -- physio follows at 1:00pm.  So I won't be getting home until between 3:00-3:30pm tomorrow afternoon!  John will surely be missing be big time!
Anyway, fortunately my little chickadee will be at home today so I get to hang out with her this afternoon.
My good friend, LC, doesn't know it yet but I'll visit her madhouse in the morning.  That will help pass the time until my ENT visit (although it will thoroughly exhaust me -- her daycare charges are a riot!).
Of course the bonus in this whole scenario is I'm staying overnight at MLC's place, so I get hugs and kisses from MSYM and tomorrow morning we'll go for breakfast.  It will be our last opportunity to share in that ritual before my surgery.
Because I only have 14 more sleeps to go ... YIKES!

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