Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Dermatologist is a Keeper

It's not often you find a thoughtful, considerate specialist.
That's what I have in my dermatologist.
She is a gem to be sure.
Remember I mentioned about her being upset that I hadn't had my Mohs surgery done last week when John had his done?  And that my option was to go to Toronto because she didn't want it to waiat until she returned from maternity leave?
Well, last evening, I got a phone call.
From my dermatologist.
Turns out that there is a chance there will be a surgeon covering for her during her maternity leave (not quite confirmed yet).  It's the surgeon who was doing the Mohs procedures before she arrived on the scene (it's a highly specialized area of treatment).
Anyway, she just wanted to know if I was OK with her holding off on sending my referral to Toronto until she knew if it could be done in Ottawa, in her clinic.
Of course, I told her that was fine by me (it was more than fine by me).
She remembered that I had mentioned taking in a Blue Jays game and she didn't want to interfere with that plan.
I assured her that we would still go to Toronto for our ball games -- not to worry.
So it was agreed that she will wait until she knows if she has a replacement surgeon before she actions my referral, if it needs be referred.  A good, sensible plan.
But imagine.
A specialist who not only pays attention, she actually listens, and cares.
Now there's a doctor you don't want to lose.

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